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Uniform etc 1945-1947 RE: what to do with it?

Many thanks to all here who recommended books for my father: he much appreciated them. Sadly he died in April after a long illness.

He left behind various uniform items from his service in signals and RE 1946-1948. I'm not sure if any of this has any historical significance; would it be worth getting in touch with the RE museum or Imperial War Museum? Is there anyone else I should contact?
you certainly could do worse than speaking to the RE museum at Brompton, Chatham. Don't just get rid, may well be a missing link in their kit or something - all the best
Ask them first. They have boxes of stuff sat in back rooms with no chance of ever being displayed. If that is it's fate, you would be better auctioning it on ebay and giving the money to Hols4Heroes so it makes a difference to someone, IMHO, too much history festers in museum vaults never to see the light of day again.

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