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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by worm-on-a-stick, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Come on you QA’s

    Do you really want the uniform change to happen or do you want to look like a civie radiographer / dentist / dietician etc

    The change has been pushed backed to 0100606

    BUT the question is: do you want to change uniform or stay as you are??

  2. Yes I know i was a mong and posted badly, HOWEVER please don't come down on me too hard.

    The question still remains.


  3. I'm impressed you failed to manage it twice (not that I could cope either)
  4. Arghhh now I'm the mong, managed to abuse the wrong one. Bollocks
  5. My first time setting up a poll.

    I will be better next time, hovever, should we or should we not change uniforms??

  6. Given that I'm not actually QA and haven't seen the unifrom I can't comment from my point of view but if the majority of QAs don't like it then it shouldn't be changed.
  7. jon1467

    The problem is that the higher rank's think that it is a good idea not only to become tri-service but also NHS in appearance.

    Can ARRSE start a mutiny? The uniform change may happen but we can push the launce date back and back?
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Part of the problem is that the uniform the've introduced is so bloody awful. It looks great when worn by young slim atractive etc etc dollies, but unfortunately its not that flattering to most other female shapes. Perhaps if the previous DANS had been told that she would have to wear it it might have been canned there and then.

    I don't think it will be a popular view but why can't QAs (and other clinicians) wear working dress or barrack dress like the rest of the army? Why are we ashamed of having our soldiers look like soldiers?
  9. Hit the nail on the head slim and attractive and QA, surely an oxymoron

    Also I think that the service nurses should ahve and individual identity, to distinguish different services and difference from the NHS, also I would have to re-thinbk some of my fantasies if they ditched the dresses the girls wear, unless they are allowed to keep the dresses for social reasons! Bulldog has soft focus memories of younger days at CMH, QEMH and Akrotiri.
  10. The new uniforms are a disgrace to the corps. Several people that I started student nurse training with left due to the fact that there was no military ethos left in the QAs i.e. the old "I joined the army to be a soldier not a fcukin civvy". This uniform change only goes to compound this problem. Surely the people who joined for the military side of things are the type we should be trying to retain, thereby possibly reducing some of the stigma thrown at the QAs for their lack of military skills?

    This uniform change is a massive step backwards, and will merely reduce retention and military ethos in a corps which already suffers from a lack of both.
  11. As a non-QA, what is the change of uniform? I remember the 'Grey Mafia' dresses, are they now going to be in Scubs?
  12. The problem with the current uniform is an ongoing saga - hat's are a health and safety risk in that they arn't disposable and therfore an infection risk, Belts with buckles can cause injuries to patients when moving and handling. Dresses arn't practical for the same reason and the buttons are just a nuisance.

    The idea of wearing Bk dress wouldn't work in my view because then we would lose our identity as nurses, in that we would look the same as the Doctors and patients wouldn't recognise us unless they were military themselves.

    The introduction of trousers and tunic has been ongoing since 1998, I was on the original committee and took part in the uniform trial, unfortunatly the DANS at the time didn't like the idea so the plan was shelved. I haven't seen the latest version of the uniform but from practical measures I feel that trousers and tunic is the way ahead, so much more pratical than the dresses. I believe Nursing Officers will keep ward dress with their tipit and handglider for certain parades but i'm sure it is being binned completly for O/R's.

  13. could we have a pic of sluicey in the new uniform or failing that I'm sure that Kathy West would lend her something to wear!!

  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sluicy D - I'm not sure why you would lose your identity as a nurse if you wore barrack or working dress (or scrubs). You would still have to wear a name badge that said 'Maj SD, Nursing Sister' or whatever, and you would gain the identity of being in the Army. Oh and it would save money.

    On a different note I'm not sure if the identity of nurse is actually something you want anyway. The public perception of what a nurse is not the same as your perception. Ow Er Matron.... etc. Far better to have the identity of a modern profesional clinician in a modern dynamic Army.

    I do have an idea for the QA's uniform wise. Why not have a Grey pullover like the RAMC's Cherry one. I thought it was a pity you didn't keep the ones you had that went with the old grey rat uniform (Good riddance to that).
  15. Do you really think pullovers are a practical piece of uniform for working nurses? the amout of times I have had blood, vomit, urine and feaces down my uniform is untrue and the thought of washing one of those jumpers every day for work doesn't appeal and then you have the practicalities of washing it at the correct temperature to ensure that germs and bugs are killed etc- i don't know of many jumpers you can wash at the required temp!