Uniform at Work Day

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DarkNinja, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Just received a letter from my unit saying that the UAWD is 25th June.

    " It will serve to highlight the duel role that Reservists play as part of the Armed Forces and wider society"

    "The aim is to encourage support for the TA and reservists in order to promote pride in the achievements of the Army at home and on operations and will remind the public that people in the TA live and work in the community"

    Will anyone be wearing theirs? It Will be a big treat for NRPS etc!
  2. Im due to sign on on that day, so im not going to wear mine, else the DWP will stop giving me my free money!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    It's uniform at work day, not uniform down the dole office ;)
  4. would you not feel a bit of a bellend wearing your uniform at work ?
  5. Nope def not
  6. Is that "nope, def not feel like a bellend wearing your uniform to work"?
  7. what do you mean look like a bellend???

    I would look alley as f0ck in dessie, assult rig and helemet, I might even get some of that orange self tan stuff and use it as cam cream for extra alley points :D

    I could then tell all the ladies at work my tales from herrick and how brave I was and how hard it was back then,

    but on a serious note our Sqn was paying people a days wage last year to do it........ I wander why there not doing the same offer this year ?? :)

    and before you ask no I didnt do it last year :roll:
  8. I would feel a right twat!!!! However, I often wear my Regimental tie or a small lapel badge...and I feel that is appropriate in the line of work I do.

    If some of my old muckers were to wear their uniforms I think the poor civvies will be a bit shocked! 3 of them work on the bin lorries so turning up in their combats might have the civvies thinking the Army have gotten desperate and have started using bright yellow bin lorries!
  9. Do the regs get wear civvies to work day????

  10. Repiratory and gimp suit surely :)
  11. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    If I had something that was more smart than CS95, I'd be happy to... Even the crabs have shoes and smart(ish) trousers to wear at times like this, I'd ust look like someone that has come into the office after a tough day pigeon shooting or ferreting.
  12. is that a perverted sport :D I have some many images of what ferreting could be done with a girl in accounts :)
  13. Tried ironing it? Maybe a bit of polish on the boots?
  14. Yes Wednesday and Friday!
  15. You won't be able to spot them anywhere between the First & the Nineteenth...