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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by one_of_the_subbies, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    Hope this is in the right forum, but hey...

    I have a fairly unique/unsual Uniform Alllowance issue:

    I initially commissioned as a Gap Year Commissioned Officer a couple of years ago, and got a fairly meagre uniform allowance, which paid for service dress.... I have now just joined a TA unit, of a different capbadge (and completley different service dress type etc...) and have been told that I need at least mess kit, and probably service dress as well.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get an additional uniform allowance for this, as I am somewhat unwilling to shell out for this out of my own pocket!


  2. This is an extract from TA Regs, which covers your situation

    Outfit Allowance, Free Issue of Clothing and Uniform Upkeep Allowance

    7.106. Eligibility.

    a. Outfit allowances and free issues of clothing are to be given to TA officers on first commissioning or on being re-commissioned in accordance with para 7.109, subject to a commanding officer’s certificate of entitlement, except for those commissioned into the General List (Section B) and cadet officers who are covered by CCF and ACF regulations.

    b. The issue of clothing and outfit allowance are conditional on the officer being:

    (1)Medically fit.

    (2)Required to wear uniform and to train in peace time.

    c. Officers are to sign an undertaking on AF O 1672 to refund any amount that may become repayable under the provisions of para 7.115.

    d. Outfit allowance is not to be issued to officers whose services are available only on call out until they are called out and found to be medically fit for service.

    7.107. Scales of outfit. The outfit scales (see Materiel Regulations, Volume 3, Pamphlet No 7) consist of:

    a. Items which are initially free issues from Army stocks. b.Items which are required to be provided by officers from the outfit allowance.

    7.108. On first commissioning.

    a. On first commissioning officers are entitled to an allowance based on the full reasonable cost of the items in the scale of outfit which are not issued free.

    b. A clothing record AF H 1157 is to be prepared for each newly commissioned officer.

    7.109. Officers on being re-commissioned.

    a. Except as provided in para 7.115 officers, on being recommissioned after an interval of 4 years or more, are entitled to free issues and outfit allowance as on first appointment (see para 7.108).

    b. After an interval of one year or more, but less than 4 years, outfit allowance is admissible at half the full rate but free issues are to be as on first appointment. Officers appointed to a regiment or corps different from that of their former service are to receive in the allowance the full value for any items in the outfit scale of their new unit which are not in the current scale of their old unit.

    c. After an interval of less than one year officers have no entitlement to free issues or outfit allowance, but officers appointed to a regiment or corps different from that of their former service are entitled to a refund of the reasonable and necessary expenditure on alterations and additions to uniform occasioned by this change, subject to the provisions of para 7.117.
    d. For compulsory members of RARO the interval in service is calculated from the date on which the officer was last required to wear uniform.

    7.110. Honorary Colonels. Honorary colonels are entitled to the free issue of uniform and the grant of uniform allowance as laid down in paras 7.106-7.109, 7.112-7.115 and 7.118, except that the provisions of paras 7.106b and 7.106d are not applicable.

    7.111. Outfit allowance on call out. On call out the outfit scales and rates of allowance laid down for officers of the Regular Army in time of national emergency are to apply.

    7.112. Uniform upkeep allowance.

    a. Upkeep allowance, which is free of income tax, is granted to officers annually so that they may maintain those items in their authorised scale of outfit which are provided initially from outfit allowance.

    b.The allowance is to cover expenditure arising in the tax year 6 April to 5 April. Officers commissioned during the tax year are entitled to the full allowance for that year. Officers relinquishing their commission during the period 6 April to 31 October, inclusive, are not entitled to the allowance for that period.

    c. To become eligible for an annual payment of upkeep allowance officers must:

    (1) Be required to wear uniform and to train in peace time.

    (2) Be on the effective strength when payment falls due (see para 7.114).

    d. Upon the call out of the TA the issue of upkeep allowance is to cease except for the financial year in which call out occurs; maintenance of uniform thereafter will be as laid down for the Regular Army (see RAACs).

    7.113. Rates of outfit and upkeep allowances and grants.

    a. The rates of allowances and grants are reviewed periodically and will be promulgated by the Defence Council from time to time. In specified circumstances officers may also receive grants to cover their necessary expenditure on uniform consequent on promotion, appointment, transfer or posting.

    b. These allowances and grants are free of income tax.

    7.114. Payment of uniform upkeep allowance.

    a. Uniform upkeep allowance is paid annually in November by computer process. Payments are not to be made from unit imprest accounts.

    b.The rates of uniform upkeep allowance are published annually in an MOD directed letter.

    7.115. Repayment of outfit allowance, and surrender of free issues. a.

    (1) Officers who voluntarily resign or relinquish their commissions or voluntarily transfer to the reserve are required to refund outfit allowance in the following proportions, unless in special circumstances the Defence Council decides otherwise:

    (a)Before one year’s service is completed - full amount.

    (b)One year or more but less than 2 years - two-thirds of the amount.

    (c) 2 years or more but less than 3 years - one-third of the amount.

    (2)In addition they are required to surrender their free issues or, alternatively, the cash value thereof at current vocabulary rates.


    (1) Officers who make a refund of outfit allowance under sub para a above on voluntary resignation or transfer to the reserve and who are subsequently regranted a commission or recalled to service on the Active List may claim alternative allowances as at (a) and (b) below:

    (a) On rejoining the same regiment or corps as that of their former service, either the amount of outfit allowance refunded, or the entitlement conferred by paras 7.109 and 7.111.

    (b) On joining a regiment or corps different from that of their former service the appropriate allowance at (a) above but for claims under a(1) the cost of any items in their new scale which are not in the current scale of their former unit may be added, subject to the total amount not exceeding the full cost of their new outfit scale. (

    2) Claims from officers who do not make a refund under sub para a will be assessed individually by MOD (PS10(A)).

    7.116. Promotion and appointment grants.

    These grants are issuable, once only, to meet expenditure on uniform necessarily incurred by officers in certain cases of promotion or special appointment. Grants, where applicable, are issuable when officers are required to wear the insignia of their new rank or appointment, i.e. normally on the first occasion of promotion (local, temporary or substantive) to any particular rank or on appointment. The grants are issued automatically by the Chief Paymaster and individual claims are not required.

    7.117. Refund of expenses on transfer and posting. Officers transferred, posted or attached from one regiment or corps to another, for the benefit of the Service, otherwise than at their own request, are entitled to claim a grant to meet expenditure on essential alterations and additions to items of uniform included in the authorised scale of outfit.

    7.118. Submission of claims for outfit allowance and grants on transfer/posting.

    a. Outfit allowance claims under paras 7.108, 7.109 and 7.111 are to be made on AF O 1672 and sent to AFPPA(G) TA Pay Sect.

    b. Claims under para 7.115 where a refund has not been made are to be referred to MOD (PS10(A)), with full particulars, by AFPPPA(G) , before any payments are made.

    c. Claims for refund of expenditure for alterations and additions to uniform under paras 7.109 and 7.117 are to be submitted in manuscript.