Uniform allowance on mobilization

My son is down for a 3 year contract with HMG having left regular commissioned service some 2 years ago. During that period his parent regt has amalgamated with others, leaving little if any, of his previous uniform wearable. He is not going to play in either Iraq or Afhganistan for some time so a full wardrobe is required. Are there any allowances available to help in these circumstances ?
Depends on the capacity in which he is re-joining the colours. I suspect that he is not being mobilised - its far more likely that he will have signed an FTRS contract for 3 years.

If he is TA, then he is entitled to the relevant officer's grant - approx £350 and the annual upkeep allowance.

As far as I know if he is RARO then he is entitled to nothing.

As his parent regiment has amalgamated he obviously can't make his funds stretch by getting 2nd hand equipment from RHQ - although doubtless some pieces will be inherited unchanged.

The good news, however, is that if he is a SCOTS officer he may ( I am not sure ) be able to draw kit from the Regiment - most of the new uniform is issued, even to officers. Alternatively the SCOTS have a loan pool in Edinburgh which has No 1 dress. Perhaps the other new regiments have similar facilities.

Things are very much "in the air" I expect - the amalgamations are relatively recent and I doubt that suppliers have been confirmed for everything. Furthermore, as a TA / RARO officer he will probably have to wait until the those in ceremonial posts and at regimental duty have been supplied.

If he is SCOTS I believe Barbs is a serving officer and may be able to help? As for the other new regiments, afraid I have no idea.

The TA only gets a uniform grant on 1st commissioning - If you are an Ex-Reg "returner", you get nowt...!
HE117 said:
The TA only gets a uniform grant on 1st commissioning - If you are an Ex-Reg "returner", you get nowt...!
TA officers are also entitled to the full TA uniform grant after a break of service of (if memory serves correctly) 5 years.

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