UNIFIL - What The Fcuk?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Sir_Sidney_Ruff_Diamond, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Now I know that it is very easy to have a pop at UN peacekeeping missions and their weak mandates, but with the best will in the world can anyone tell me what Unifil (United Nations Interim Force in the Lebabnon) has ever achieved?

    Looking at their official website it costs $100 million a year to run. Is it just somewhere nice in the sun for Scandanavian troops to go now and then to top up their tan?

    Edited: No chavvy TLAs here in MN HQ, please, Sir Sidders! :D
  2. Correct! Got it in one. It also provided a place where the UN could send its more corrupt and useless people so that while they could continue being useless and corrupt, no-one would care, unlike when they do the same in NY or Geneva (where there is as much if not more corruption, but is it done by cleverer people who do not get caught so often).
  3. Well that's certainly one view. I am trying to keep an open mind so anyone give me a good reason for their existence, ANY successes in the last 20 years?

    PS sorry about the text speak, don't know what came over me
  4. well it got me a very unusual medal to wear in the 80's not many got that one, other than thta i dont think it achieved much, but i was just a puppet doing as i was told anyway
  5. Oh wow another UN slagging!

    "well it got me a very unusual medal to wear in the 80's not many got that one, other than thta i dont think it achieved much, but i was just a puppet doing as i was told anyway"

    Sounds like the UN that - just doing as it is told by all 100+ member states, but particularly a certain 5 of them.
  6. Stop sticking up for your employer Inf/MP!

    We all know you want to join in the slagging but your boss has discovered this site and your real identity! :)
  7. Inf/MP I didn't start this as a UN slagging opportunity honest.

    In light of recent events I am genuinely interested in knowing what value for money, if any, this mission has been and what measurable achievements have come of it to warrant such a budget over nearly 30 years
  8. Pick'n'shovel extraction of Israeli army? Looking after reffos?
  9. The UN singlehandedly keep the Irish Army in employment as all they do is UN Peacekeeping missions around the world which is just a pitiful existence for an equally pitiful army. No wonder any Irishmen worth their salt comes and joins the British Army!!
  10. It is just an observer mission what ever that means, Israel ignores it and on one occasion shelled its compound.And hezbollah etc ignore
    and occasionally butcher members of it, utterly ineffectual :( .
  11. I got an UNIFIL towel of an Irish chick I was bangin in cyprus years ago.......... Fond memories........
  12. SNAP!!! Looked better than the Cyprus UN towel :D
  13. Served in the Irish Army have you? Thought not.

    The Irish Defence Forces are 'pitiful' due to the actions of successive Irish governments, primarily those of the Fianna Fáil party whose predecessors in the anti-Treaty Old IRA lost the Irish Civil War to the then Free State Army - in short, their treatment of the Irish Army is payback (oh yes, I nearly forgot, the Republic of Ireland is 'neutral' apparently...). The Army 'held the line' in 1922-23, so if they never achieve anything else, they are to be commended for that.
  14. UN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>USELESS NATIONS!
  15. "The United Nations - just like the League of Nations, but....more corrupt, more bureaucratic, more full of useless time-servers, and with a greater capacity to get lots of people killed"