Unidentified sabre-help, please.

Now, I know that there are several collectors of edged weapons about the place, and others with a general interest in Military history.

Woman works for a museum and, during an audit, has come across the sabre whose pix I've included.

This is an odd one: it has been tentatively identified as a Naval sabre but I tend to an Infantry officer's sabre from late 18th/early 19th Century.

However. The basket hilt would appear to be a later addition and the blade would seem to date from the reign of George II.

A further tale is that it maybe linked to the Apprentice Boys: that is, as an amalgam of (possibly) 2 swords, it was/has been carried on Apprentice Boys marches.

Soooo-any help will be much appreciated and earn me many, many brownie points and some form of physical favour and reward.


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