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Hi guys... I know this sounds a bit preachy but it's quite important. If you have any unidenitifed medication (wherever or whoever from is irrelevent) you've got to bin it, hand it to your MO or the nearest AE dept. I'm a bit concerned as a couple of my squaddie mates have sidled up to me, pills in hand and have asked me what they were cos their mate gave them to them in Germany when they did their back in... etc..., AND THEY WERE TAKING THEM... If you do not have the prescription or box details with the pills and have no means of identifying them. Get rid... Medicine also goes 'off' so any creams, lotions, pills or preparations of any kind HAVE TO BE BINNED, especially antibiotics if the use by date has finished.

However - there is a website that can identify pills from the numbers stamped on them.

The URL is thus


... but even then - they still may be 'off' so please bin them in an appropriate manner (flushing down the loo is preferable to chucking them out for the birds)

Sorry to waste your time


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