Unidentified medal ribbons

Fellow ARRSER`s the wife has been given a relatives ribbon bar to which, we now need to identify said ribbons, i have attached an image, can anybody out there help out at all.


Looks like BEM, 1914 Star, WW1 War medal, WW1 Victory medal, 1937 Coronation medal, then two Territorial Efficiency medals (which is a bit odd?) It looks as though the 1914 Star is missing the small bronze rosette. The full size medal has a bar reading "5 Aug to 22 Nov 1914." and is known as the "Mons Star"
Bit stuck on the bottom row, but top row from left to right

British Empire Medal, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal

Bottom row - middle and right hand could be Territorial Efficiency medals for long service if the primary colour was a slightly lighter shade of green. The one on the left I'm not sure

Territorial Efficiency Medals - could make sense if he also holds the 1937 Coronation medal (possible length of service of between 19 and 23 years or more depending on what his service was prior to WW1, TA didn't have an equivalent of the MSM did they ?

My Grandfather enlisted in 1899 and was discharged in 1916 from the Regular Army. He went on to serve (in some capacity) with the Scottish Horse until the Second World War and then went and spoiled everything by dying in 1944 !
I am no expert but the two "Territorial" ribbons could be (1) Territorial Efficiency Medal and (2) Efficiency Medal, which replaced the TEM and other awards in 1921, although it was still often referred to as the Territorial Efficiency Medal.
I would take a guess that the ribbon top row, second from left. Would have been the 1914 Star rather, than the 1914-15 Star. I think the Damage to the ribbon is due to the loss of the Roseate (Denoting the 1914 Star, when just ribbons were worn).
First one on the bottom row is the 1935 Silver jubliee medal. There were about 80,000 issued in the UK, not totally sure on the criteria. I know from 1887 (Victoria's Golden Jubilee, first to issue a medal) until 1911 (King George V's Coronation) they were only issued to those on the parade itself (Military and civvie) and members of the Met, Fire service and St John's ambulance who were on duty that day in London in areas the parade went through.

However, there is no 1937 Coronation medal ribbon there,(It is common to see both on a ribbon bar) so possible service finished in late '35 or 1936?

Edited to add: The 1937 Coronation medal is very similar, except the main colour of the ribbon is blue. Also the 1935 Silver Jubilee was the first Coronation / Jubilee medal where all that received it had the same ribbon. From 1887 - 1911, the Police had one ribbon, the military and the civilians had another one and the Provost (Very rare medal) had another.
Fellow ARRSER`s the wife has been given a relatives ribbon bar to which, we now need to identify said ribbons, i have attached an image, can anybody out there help out at all.
OBE/MBE/BEM(Military Division all have same ribbon), 1914 Star/1914-15 Star (same ribbons), British War Medal 1914-20, Allied Victory Medal, Jubilee Medal 1935, Territorial Efficiency Medal(instituted 1921 George V obverse has a ring suspender) and Efficiency Medal (instituted 1930 George VI obverse has a fixed Territorial scroll suspender)
Looking at it again - it appears that all of the ribbon s are miniture medal ribbons, but the last on the bottom row, Efficiency medal is either a full sized ribbon, or more possibly as there is some green stitching down the middle, 2 together. Is it possible that he was awarded the medal twice? Maybe one for UK service and the other for South Africa or India? Considering they have different clasps above the medal?
the TEM and EM are two different medals and it was possible to be awarded both
Seems like a sensible answer. There is the fact he may not have received the 1937 Coronation medal for some reason, but was still serving as the EM came in in 1930 if I am correct?
some of the qualifying criteria for the EM could have been served before 1930 and not everyone was awarded the 1937 Coronation medal the criteria for jubilee and coronation medals up untill the QGJM had no time served part to it it the were gifts of the soverign and awarded to small numbers of deserving people and a small number of people per unit so it is possible to be awarded the 1935 jubilee medal and not the 1937 coronation medal but still be serving
As BoundApprentice pointed out, the top left ribbon could be any one of the various orders of the British Empire but is clearly the post-1937 design. The original purple 1922 ribbon (which was thought by some to be uncomfortably close to that of the VC) was changed to its present rose pink by Queen Mary who was at that time the Grand Master of the Order. One recipient complained that the Government were skimping by issuing medals which were so old that the purple ribbon had faded.

Given my performance on the last medal thread, I'll shut the **** up now.
1921, according to my post #5.
No the Territorial Efficiency Medal came in in 1921 to replace the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, The TEM itself was replaced in 1930 by the Efficiency Medal which differed from the TEM by it having a scroll suspender the EM was a consolidation of all the Volunteer Long Service Medals of the Empire each countries medal only differing by having the countries name on the scroll (or being in 2 languages for South Africa) instead of the word Territorial
As I see it:

British Empire Medal
1914-1915 Star
British War Medal 1914-1920
Jubilee Medal 1935 (for HM George V)
Territorial Efficiency Medal (1921)
Efficiency Medal (1930) (the original award used the same ribband as the TEM)

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