Unidentified Daysack/Bergen

Yeah, sorry. It did cross my mind that you may have emailed him but there are some solid people on this forum so you can never be sure! It's a nice looking bergen. Doesn't look like a customised job to me TBH but more of an off the shelf product. Wish i'd have seen it when the bidding was still on!
Heh. Re-reading my original post, I don't think I mean "custom" do I?! Off the shelf from someone like JJ's/Troopers/SASS, summit like that.

This pack has a 65 liter carring capacity with an internal frame, with outlets for handset and antenna in lid. Drawstring storm flap. Map/glove pocket on the inside of lide. 2 large side pouches able to carry a complete NBC suit

Our Price - Just $ 125.00


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