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Hello all,

I am by no means an expect on UNICOM, but I get by and on the odd occasion when I need some help I call the UNICOM Helpdesk at Worthy Down. My understanding of the helpdesk service is to help/advise users who are either having difficulties with the software and or the understanding of the application regardless of rank. Within my Brigade we have deployed using UNICOM OOB’s and it was hugely successful, I am not going to mention names but this was down to a member of the UNICOM Helpdesk who can never do enough for the user, he speaks as though he has been on the Ferry across the Mersey a few times enough said, therefore I trust the helpdesk and expect the quality of service to continue.

There are two individuals who make up the Helpdesk, one of them mentioned above (who I cannot fault in anyway shape or form) and the other one who is the subject of this post. Now correct me if I am wrong but aren’t they (Helpdesk) supposed to be Subject Matter Experts (SME)? I will touch on this soon. Also are they not supposed to have good management and personal skills?

I recently needed to raise a call for advice and hopefully a resolution to my problem, now before I go on this is just the tip of the iceberg and basically was the hair that broke the camels back. I rang the SPOC and was advised that an incident would be raised and passed onto a specialist and that they would get back in touch as soon as possible. Now I understand that everyone is busy but I received a phone call the next day, which left me and my unit in limbo. When I eventually got a call I was told rather rudely that this was not a problem for the specialist and call the SCOC helpdesk. My problem was UNICOM related so I didn’t see why I had to go through SCOC. I rang SCOC and they said why I am phoning them, I apologised and explained there has obviously been a misunderstanding.

I called the SPOC number once again and quoted my original incident number, they said that a new incident would need to be raised and would be sent to a specialist. I again waited and waited and eventually got a call back from the same person, AGAIN he was RUDE but gave a solution well at least I thought he did. I tried the solution which was totally incorrect and didn’t relate to my problem at all. At this stage I am getting frustrated so I once again rang, got through SPOC had incident raised and waited for a call, this was on a Friday and I was away on the Monday so on the Tuesday morning I phoned again and they said that my incident had been closed at the UNITS REQUEST? This time I managed to get through to the proper SME (Mersey bloke) on the Tuesday who said that the incident had been closed by the other specialist? I stated to him that this was not the case, and that this unit had not closed the incident, he apologised (he does not need to apologise for someone else’s actions) and within 5 mins he sorted out the problem I had and correctly closed the incident down.

What is the point of having someone as a point of contact for an application that he obviously has no idea how it works. His is totally unprofessional and his attitude is appalling. I have last week sent a letter of complaint through to HQ LAND about this individual, with the full support of my brigade.

My question is has anyone else had a problem with the Helpdesk in relation to this individual, if so then please reply to post. He is there to provide a service, which I don’t believe he will ever achieve, this is very poor.

Thanks for listening
I do severely feel for you in your quest for answers..this type of thing also happens elsewhere in different departments..
Why do they bother answering the phone if they cant help???
If in doubt with UNICOM i always phone around other users/mates and usually come out with the correct solution..Moreoften they come to my office and give me 1 to 1.
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