Im after a little help here,

Ive been posted into a new unit but the lad i replaced never gifted me his data querys.
Ive tried with a couple of lads to get theirs but to no avail so is there a problem with import/export data query, and if i have to make them does anybody have the really easy simple version.

Many thanks

what sort of info are you hoping to gain by using data query ? Sorry i have none to pass on its just i have used UNIMONG for quite a few years now on most accounts and the only thing i ever used data query for was ITS aqquital by hand. I would be interested to find out what others use it for.
End of month accounting is done by this, receipt details reports, issue details reports, demand details etc etc
Now I really am confused
MIR's should now be printed to PDF and burnt to disk ( Meaning instead of printing a hard copy ofyour detail reports, you print an electronic copy that save to a media format)

use TRANQUERY and STDMPROG and manually go through each account and save the PDF file for each of the headings you are after
Would anyone have a copy of the Data Query user guide in electronic format they could forward to me please.

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