Unicom Question :(

When bringing on a task issue receipt, after receiving the AF G8614 A with
Task Reference, it wont let me bring it on, going on about not receiving task issue statement, although ive got ITS printed and awaiting to be cleared. Bicester helpdesk is no help.

Any help would be appreciated :D
need to contact the IPT that the item is from, and ask them to place the issue onto the system. if they have done this then contact the provision branch, and get them to do the same, with reference to the help desk, them saying that they dont know is not the answer as they are the single point of contact. Mention your problem to your BOWO, unless that is me.
already have sent email to BOWO, but been told by SPOC to bring them on as external demand, already done so as no one knew what else to do, will just have to x-ref ITS to it

new question (sorry to hijack this) press f9 to commit voucher should print however it now states he has no matrix 40 printer set up WTF
checked printer is on and it says so
so any help guys

again sorry to hijack your thread but hopefully unicom gurus can help
Done all that and the printer is on uni bollox gets on my thrup'neys some days

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