Unicom Question Time !!!!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DesktopCommando, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. :D Yea back to ask more annoying questions. :lol:

    On the "Stores ET Entitlement Holdings Report" I have Items with a liability code but no NSN/Manufacturers Part Number or Short Name.

    The Question is how to I link the Liability code to a NSN ? is there a menu to help with this, is a User able to do this ? or is it a Software design thingy ?
  2. The vast majority of equipments, such as vehicles, with a liability code also have an NSN. Looks like some one has been lazy when receiving kit on.

    Try giving these items a short item name, print a list off so other users in your unit know what name you've given each item.
  3. yes but the Equipment Table Entitlement has a liability code only and is not linked to an NSN, so the NSN for the kit WE actually hold is coming up as a surplus, just as with supersession chains you can link NSN's together, I need to link the liability code to the NSN

    When you bring kit on "mainitem" you cant input liability codes
  4. might be a job for the UNICOM help desk there,my answer would have been the maintain item menu but if thats no helping you you may have to give them a ring.I had a similar problem with ammo box accounting.
  5. Look in the equipment AESP and you will find the NSN for all variants of the Equipment and their asset/liability code. Your REME should be able to help if you need it.
  6. I dont why you ask questions like that on ARRSE.

    You should seek the answer through your chain of command.

    Anyway the answer is to link the NSN that you are using to account for the item to the asset/liability code in QN01 - Maintain item. One in module and the details have been populated you press page down to technical data. This is where you link the two.

    There is no need to spk with REME, AESP's etc etc, remember this is for items that would have been in section 6 & 7 if you where still manual... WPNS/VEHICLES

    Speak to your BOWO and ask for his advice at the end of the day he is the one who is inspecting you and anyone who gives you advice other than him might be wrong...
  7. So he can get the answer to the question he's asked, the answer you've just given him..... :D
  8. :roll: probably because you get answers on here, Yet to meet a BOWO who knows the ins and out of UNICOM to any great degree, and like you they quote section that havent been relevant in UNICOM accounting for years, a typical answer from BOWO usually goes along the lines of "aye in your section 15" what the f**k is section 15 to those who have never ran an old old old ledger, the world has moved on