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UNICOM Central Server

:x :x :x yes!!! :x
am having massive problems including,
the system crashing when i'm halfway through an issue/receipt
a 1-3 day delay on prints when the system sends the request to the server and back
being told i'm already logged in when i've logged out
being asked for my login details everytime i want to print
waiting weeks to be reset on the system etc etc

why can't we go back to hardcopies and endless paperwork trails? it was a lot less stressfull!
once again the army's bright idea plunges us all into a state of anarchy!
Being the units only SA (as the other blokes on comp leave) means im now having to screen my calls or I get bog all done all day.
Printings still a problem,
Taking four days to log on,
Getting the unicom helpdesk answer machine instead of a real person,
Cant add a user as hes on the system allready even though hes just been posted in,
The only bonus being the boss has lost his password and cant log on, :D
Oh and the BOWO is coming soon for the CIW so lets see what he can do! :twisted:

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