Unicom Administrators Course

Discussion in 'RLC' started by 3milesniper, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    Been spammed to attend this course at Worthy Down anyone got any info on what to expect?

    I have done the G4 unicom stuff on the CQMS course at Deepcut but any info on this course would be appreciated


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  2. Well ive applied for mine as well, just waiting on details, All G4 personnel need to do this course (as some email from LAND says somewhere) since the AGC are using JPA, it'll be all the crap within the unicom software, doing backup's creating usernames etc.. although the AGC will still use UNICOM to do imprest account, our pay Sgt will still do the backups
  3. Oh yeah to add that you'll get a Oracle Database Management Sytem qualification out of it. Which is pretty big on the outside world.

  4. Had to apply for a course as well, as if the G4 world isn't exiting enough already. Wonder if there's a chance of slimming the course down after everyone works out just what JPA can do and the introduction of a central UNIMONG server?
  5. Cheers for that

    I`m heading for worthless downs tomorrow so I`ll update when I get back or get RTU`d
  6. I saw this thread and had to see what anyone had to say of any note or interest about the UNICOM users course.
  7. Whats the full name for the qual, is their an equivalent for JPA?
  8. You do not get the oracle qual as per the instructors,the qual is purley military
    and fook me the exams are emtional!
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