Uni/TA Dilemna, Need a hand

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by WhiskeySwiper, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. Ok guys,

    I'm a third year BA student at Swansea University and I've decided finally to join the TA, to see if the army is definately for me in the long term.

    I've just got one problem - my Masters.

    I had planned to do a part-time Masters Degree with the TA part time (go in as soldier) and pretty set on the infantry. But this would take 2-3 years of my life, and I could do a 1 year Masters and go straight into the Regs.

    Option 1: Join TA this year, and do a part-time Masters over 2/3 years with the TA over that time.
    Option 2: Finish BA, 1 Year Masters and then join Regs.
    Option 3. Join TA, finish BA, 1 year masters then whatever...

    Since I have to apply for Masters when I get back in September-December time (with my course duration in mind) I really need to make a decision soon as I dont want to bollocks up my BA to do all the training this year or bollocks up my training to do my BA.

    Anyone got any advice on what to do, I've discussed it with a fair number of chaps in the past and am stringly leaning towards Option 1 atm - but some experienced opinions is what I'm really looking for. Much appreciated guys.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Finish your degree first, then take a decision.

  3. Option 2 or 3 sounds best. Do the masters in a year, join the TA in that time if you feel you can fit it in around your studies. Do AOSB after that.
  4. Whiskey do you have a..dare i say it.. normal part time job? If you do my advice would be to bin that for the TA (if you can afford it) and crack on with your basic training and masters at the same time. Remember TA basic training is only every other weekend (and only 7 weekends as well) and you could always just cancel/delay a weekend if you're behind on some work.

    Joining the TA as a first year Uni student (not really comparable to a masters I know) made no difference at all to my grades for the first year so maybe this is an option?
  5. I have a part time at the moment (and have done for the last few months) as I decided to resit my third uni year.) So part time term work isnt an issu eat all.

    I know a fair few who joined in the first year and absolutely love it (and many of these also despise the OTC locally for the reasons they love the TA if that makes sense...)

    Cheers for the advice thus far guys, really is useful.
  6. Question... I've been out of the UK HE system for about 8 years now, but since when did you get to "decide" to repeat a year? As I recall, the only choice you'd have is one between repeating or dropping out. If that's the case, I'm wondering if a postgrad course is for you since you usually have to graduate with a 2:1 to even get your foot in the door.

    If you're struggling on your course, I'd say that part time work might be something of an issue and adding the TA to your load isn't going to help matters either. I also don't know what makes you think a postgraduate course is easier than your undergraduate degree that you'd commit to the reserve forces then. You have to remember that those who joined in their first year will have had 2 years to figure out how to mix TA and uni commitments and went on CMSR etc. when their uni classes could be done with their eyes shut.

    While your enthusiasm is to be commended, I think you'd better have a long think about what you're doing. If you're planning on going for a regular commission, a decent degree will be worth more to you than a "just scraped through/thanks for playing" degree and a few months under your belt as a half-trained TA soldier. If you want to stay in the TA, then waiting another 12-24months isn't going to make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.
  7. You can suspend mid-1st term now if you (as I did) got ill and tits things up majorly (but it is a very rare thing to happen.)

    Cheers for that crabtastic as I hadnt thought of what you pointed out actually. However with a part-time MA you need a part-time job to support yourself as you get fewer student allowance benefits etc.