Uni Poll on front page

Ok, so which overpaid muppet is responsible for that poll?

Where is the option that should say

"Screw paying any extra, we already pay a fortune in tax that is incompetently spent, why can't the government get their act together and fund universities as an investment in our future"


"lets have a real means tested grants system where those that go on to earn a significantly higher percentage than the standard wage pay some (but by no means all) of their tuition fees back over an extended period as they are now, as a direct effect of their further education, earning a higher salary.

The Poll at the moment, although it has lots of choices, comes down to "yes I’ll pay it and educate my children even though I may not be able to afford it" or "no I won't and I will bow out without a fight"

I suspect that the originator of the Poll has enough to cough up either way, and did not, for one second, think about the 99% of the country that probably make up 98% of the intellectuals that can’t afford to throw away 3K + at a time with impunity

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