Uni/Arrse Crawl! Students please read.

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Narcissus, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Right after a quick digression in another thread we have had the thought that with the numerous students now frequenting ARRSE that maybe we could have a student one (I’m sure non-student types would be welcome if they did not mind dodging soap for a day or two :D ).

    The plan would be this, find someone that goes to a descent enough uni with good facilities or links to a town and go on the pop.

    My suggestion is Nottingham or Birmingham meant to both be quite good, so now we need a POC at one of them! Any other thoughts please post below and let’s see where we go!!!
  2. If it's Nottingham, I will go on one condition only.

    We go to Hooters.
  3. I thought that was what students did anyway, you need to go manchester university, absolutley shedloads of bars and clubs etc
  4. well yes but this lot (hopefully) wont be a bunch of lefty liberals with gotties!
  5. Student Nurses are always up for drinking and socialising! so I'm game hope more of u are too!
  6. Yep, there are 2 certainties in life. Death and student nurses.
  7. Lil bro did you send me this link as a hint? Dundee is a decent night out plus both universities have just been extensively refurbished. Make it a wednesday and it's fancy dress night... we can dress up like the immature shites we are :lol:
  8. YAYAY sis!!! Can I dress up as an 18 hundresds Naval officer?
  9. Bristol!

    2 universities, one posh, one not so posh (mine :D). You therefore have your mix of (after reading the accent thread):

    1) Westcountry accent, from the locals and the UWE lot.
    2) A bit of Tabitha and Tarquin poshness from the Oxbridge rejects up on the hill.

    Add to that more local slappers than you can shake your cock at, and you're away!

    On a more serious note, it is a fucking phenomenal night out, accomodation is walking/stumbling distance from the clubs, main station is 5 minutes from City Centre. Theres such a diverse range of clubs, from the cheap and chavvy to the new Oceana superclub, with the like of Walkabout and Reflex (80's Bar!) in between.

    For more information, see:


    Come on guys, we need to have a Southern Crawl.

  10. TB......Dundee is a sh*tehole. They speak funny, live on 'pehs and bridies' and everyone from the age of 4 upwards smokes. Everyone is on benefits of one form or another and they're all hocked up to the ears.

    If any of you do go......do not go out to any of the 'schemes'. Be warned, they roam in packs out there in the darkness that is Douglas, Whitfield amd Kirkton. Charleston looks a bit like a Lebanese village, without the sunshine.

    It's a tip. A f*cking big one. The locals are not friendly.
  11. Bristol is a cracking night out!
  12. Bugger me I have started a thread that is attually getting responces, must be the beer thing :D
  13. Just to show how bad the place really is they put the bridge toll charge on the ROAD OUT ... if it were on the way in even the locals would give the place a miss.....
  14. I'm friendly! I swear I won't nick your pints or smoke all your fags, nor will I arrange for the customary beating for your first visit... seeeeeeee a joy I am :D
  15. Come on, lets have an ARRSE Bristle crawl!