Unhinged Remainers - how will they end up?

I went to the Walker Art gallery today and they had a science thingy.

Amongst them all was a flux capacitor viewing screen.

I dialled in "November 1st" and there they were.

The Arrse Remainers;
Capture.PNG 1.PNG

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Too late mate. I asked the same question and was told off for "not being a real Tory"!

There ain't 'alf some right thinck w*ankers around here.
I think for some ultra-Remainers (think EU Supergirl/Stop Brexit man, Grac and others of that snowflake ilk) that 'fighting' Brexit has given them some meaning to their lives and once we leave they'll suffer a real bereavement.

Hopefully, once they get a grip, they'll continue their work and get involved in pro-re-joining EU pressure groups and we can continue to laugh at them.

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