"Unhelpful" petitions?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by datumhead, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Looking on the No10 website I found the following by typing "army".

    A petition to bin civilian cooks in favour of the RLC.

    MPGS staff having to repay thier pensions if they join after 22 years.

    A petition to allow the disabled to join the army.

    The removal of the TA from Hereford.

    A petition to scrap the TA.

    And I think the most controverisal.......

    A petition to stop the army from getting ALL the GLORY from wars!

    With stuff like this being posted on the No10 site, how long till they close it, or worse, IGNORE it?

    over to you........
  2. Most if not all these will die the death of their own accord. Darwin and all that survival of the fittest stuff, if they have any merit they will attract signatories, if they are merely the 'vertical' expression of a deranged halfwit, they will get support from the same similarly afflicted sad few.
  3. I like it:

    'Stop the Army getting all the glory of war when they would never get there without ships from the navy or planes from the air force. And in the zulu wars it was the navy that got the field guns to Rorkes Drift not the army and it was the Navy, Royal Marines and Gurkas that won the Falklands But yet the army get all the Fame and Glory'

    Does anyone vet this tosh? It's a shame that the originator doesnt post his contact details. It does say that he's Sea Cadet Corps though. Enough said I suppose. My guess is that he's about 12 years old.
  4. Feeble innit! :roll:
  5. They already ignore it. This was proved by the road tax petition, 2 million signed it.

    That is the reason I always ignore links to it now...
  6. Or worse, pay lip-service to a good idea like UK Border Police...but rip the guts out of it and set up a half-arsed, cheap as chips version instead of the real thing. :x

    I am forced to agree with that cum-stain on the Great Sheet of Life(Ken Livingston): If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it.

    Bitter? Moi?
  7. If there's any truth in the amry pension thingy post 22 years then the government better look out. This is a massive HRA breach and some barrister will happily earn a 100K putting them in their place.
  8. Let us dissect:

    Yes the Army do have to travel, should we also give taxi drivers "some of the glory"?

    There were more than one?

    There were, to my knowlage, no field guns at Rorkes Drift. Maybe you are thinking about Isandlwana where there were some small field guns.

    Gurkhas are in the Navy? I was under the impression they were Army. Ever seen any of the telivised RN tributes? "Sea of Fire" was a good one.
    What about the Paras or the Guards?
  9. "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to move the Territorial Army out of Herford." More details

    Submitted by Jeremy Godwin – Deadline to sign up by: 17 October 2007 – Signatures: 2

    They couldn't even spell their petition correctly, and is written by what seems to be a couple of upper-crust NIMBY's

    "At the moment the site attracts the wrong element of people "
  10. I think young misinformed cadet is referring to the heroic exploits of the Naval Brigades during the Boer War and specifically the relief of Ladysmith in 1899. Still, he's got 4 signatures!
  11. The disabled do help the British Army, have they not seen Aramark workers before? :)
  12. Oh dear.
  13. As much as I'd like to think she's been one big wah, she's just one big argument for Eugenics.