Unhealty vibrating noise

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Fablonbiffchit, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. My wife has a 1.6.16V Megane cabriolet. Its 9 years old and she loves it. Its an automatic with approximately 75000 on the clock. When driving a noise that I can only liken to a humming vibration starts once you hit around 40mph and it continues to get louder the faster you go and it quietens down when you slow down. It seems to be coming from underneath towards the back of the car. I think it may be the exhaust but as my prior technical experience of vehicles was as a B1 driver in the AAC I am somewhat limited in my erstwhile knowledge. Thus I would be indebted if any knowledgeable greasemonkeys or persons of a similar ilk could possible throw some light on this.
    Muchos Grassyarse.
  2. Does it come from one side, could be a wheel bearing.
  3. No it seems to be coming centrally from the back.
  4. Grab the exhaust( when its cold) and shake it from side to side, if there is a knocking/rattle get it to a trusted mechanic and have them ask to look at the EXHAUST MOUNTING RUBBERS.
    If you take it to an exhaust express fitting place, chances are they'll try to sell you a whole new system.
  5. Well that's my mechanical knowledge exhausted, try turning the radio up.

  6. Knobrot :lol:
  7. Bearings make a rythmic "WOBBING" noise that doesn't disappear and you can smell burnt oil from the centre of the wheel hub.
  8. Had a similar problem and found the rear section of my exhaust heat shield was held on by a wing and a prayer. Replaced rear section and check exhaust mountings at same time - no more noise.
  9. Check the rear bumper or mouldings too, a mate had a bolt drop loose caused the rear bumper to vibrate at speed due to air pressure.
  10. Check your wheel nuts and your tyres as well.
  11. The tracking and balancing is being done next week.
  12. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I had a similar noise from the front central/nearside. Turned out to be shocks were sagging on near front and had made the tyre develop a ridge. Changed shocks and tyre, bingo, smooth running.
  13. if it gets louder as you go faster its definatley the running gear, ie wheel bearing, driveshaft, i would says wheel bearing as iv done this before on a few vehicles.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Its diff-hum.

    You slow down or speed up, and the hum goes, right? This is down to car being driven at a certain speed for most of its life. I had a Merc that did it at 50 and 70mph. Replace the diff or turn the radio up. My mechanic said it was irritating, but unlikely to have you stranded on the M25.
  15. Are you sure it's the car? What age is your missus? Could be a dodgy hip joint.