Unfriendly runners

This luncheon St James Park was delightful. The sun was shining. Office girls were eating picnic lunches. The autumn crocuses were flowing in Birdcage Walk. And runners were out, in a multitude. And they all looked unfriendly.

Running is a ghastly enough misery as it is – does no one else try to distract themselves from the awfulness of running by watching the world go by? Do people not give encouraging smiles to those they overtake? Do you not nod a greeting to those who you recognise from your previous lap?

I’m told that people do exist who actually enjoy running. Personally I can’t imagine how… But even so the sight of another runner actually looking as though they willingly chose to jog might act as encouragement to those of us trying to maintain reasonable standards.

We are so easily recognisable as we run in our green t-shirts and Help for Heroes wristbands. Perhaps I’m missing out on some runners’ secret signal of comradeship.

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