Unfounded Allegations

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Job Done, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Salute is a non for profit organisation Ltd by guarantee company number. 8265085. The thread Salute the Charity that isn't, is all set on unfounded allegations. Salute works very hard in thehelping of veterans, serving soldiers and their families. Salute has been monitoringthis thread for a while and now feels that it's time to defend ourselves. UpdatedAccounts will be published on Salute’s web site www.saluteyou.org by the end of theweek and any questions that anyone feels that they may want to ask in the meantimeplease feel free to contact us by our web site www.saluteyou.org email info@saluteyou.org or by Telephone 01282 452697 and Salutewill answer them and hopefully put the unfounded allegations made to bed, so asSalute may continue in the help that it provides. Salute will not publish namesas to where these unfounded allegations have come from until this has been putto bed then names will be publically announced on this site and others.
    Salute has no doubtthat it can and will answer any allegations founded against it with honest andtransparent answers that will showwithout a doubt that Salute is an integral part of Veterans welfare in EastLancashire.
  2. Dodgy *******.

    How much are you lining your own pockets with?

    You're not a charity, don't provide a professionally qualified service and are stepping on the toes of charities and agencies that genuinely help.
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  3. Did they step on your toes too Dingerr? ;-)
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  4. No, no, no.
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  5. Without wanting to get into this too much - having a link to NHS Direct under 'Links to our partners' doesn't really inspire.

    In fact, none of the 'partners' seem to be anything more than generic links to services that do actually offer help, with the odd free plug for local businesses thrown in, along with generic links to the websites of the 3 Services, but there is no mention anywhere of those 'partners' having any actual link to this lot ......

    The PTSD page - gathering information online, especially information of such a delicate, personal and medical nature, which I assume you can then attribute to an IP address and therefore a potential family name, surely should be governed by something a little more appropriate than a link to 'Google Docs' T&Cs?

    Caldicott anyone?
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  6. What I don't understand is, if you have been waiting until the time is right before responding, why did you not take the time to write a grammatically correct response, or take the time to proof-read it before you posted?
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  7. Or answering the question with regards to why your organisation has allegedly approached someones unit demanding that they be discharged without their prior knowledge or consent and in breach of the Data Protection Act.

    Here's some information you might want to read before you continue to collect information on people and (allegedly) get involved with their unit demanding people be discharged.

    Data Protection Act - Guidance For Organisations - ICO

    • Shred all your confidential paper waste.
    • Check the physical security of your premises.
    • Train your staff:
    • so they know what is expected of them;
    • to be wary of people who may try to trick them into giving out personal details;
    • so that they can be prosecuted if they deliberately give out personal details without permission;
    • to use a strong password - these are long (at least seven characters) and have a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and the special keyboard characters like the asterisk or currency symbols;
    • not to send offensive emails about other people, their private lives or anything else that could bring your organisation into disrepute;
    • not to believe emails that appear to come from your bank that ask for your account, credit card details or your password (a bank would never ask for this information in this way);
    • not to open spam – not even to unsubscribe or ask for no more mailings. Tell them to delete the email and either get spam filters on your computers or use an email provider that offers this service.

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  8. When in doubt...

    Veer attention away from any accusations...


    Starting a new thread...

    Yep. That'll work.
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  9. Holy shit. This sounds familiar.

    Are you Iamtheman, Concernedmother or Iknowtheman?

    Do you deny that you pass details on to ambulance chasing law firms?
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  10. They'd have a ******* job!
  11. The posting style is definitely similar!
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Tell you what son, I have been monitoring Salute since a week last Thursday and you now have my full attention. No need to defend yourself. Wait until I make an accusation. Then you may chat to my lawyers. They are ******* horrible.

    I look forward to examining your updated accounts. Take your time. Be sure to indicate disbursements, directors loans, depreciation, expenses, petty cash payments and....

    Nah. Just tell me what % of income goes to the sharp end. And where it is spent.

    Or don't. Your shout. My lawyers are watching.
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  13. Will these updated accounts be formulated in the correct manner, legible and understandable. Unlike the grammatical gobbledygook on the website and indeed in subsequent postings here?
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  14. Someone's nicking stuff of that I've no doubt. I put two posts here this morning and someone's had away with them.
  15. Have you checked down the back of the settee?
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