Unfortunate or Comical Names

Whilst idly listening to the radio this afternoon I heard a comment from a man who was called "Doctor Minger" [unsure about the spelling but that's what it sounded like].

Presumably his wife is Mrs Minger!

Having previously come across (not literally of course) a Sgt Major, his wife Cpl Major and also heard of a WO2 (Sgt Maj) Major, I was wondering what other strange, unusual or faintly comical names there are out there?

Other examples are a Captain Sergeant and also a serving Major Sergeant.

Answers please?
Cue spilt coffee! Without evidence I would have accused you of spouting utter cr@p but there is nothing like 'hard' evidence!
Staff Sergeant Sargent

He always answers the phone (quite correctly) as Staff Sargent much to the chagrin of the caller who always asks WHO? to which he replies STAFF SARGENT. They always break before he does - best when officers call.
I came across a doctor Death (canged to his spelling to doctor De'ath. Alas for him not pronounced "Doctor DeeeeAth")

Oh and the Classic Annette Curtain!


My driving examiner when I passed my test was called Mr Man, wonder if Mrs Man really thought it through when she agreed to marriage.

I also went to school with someone called Wayne Carr (really I did!).
Back in the day there was an ex Korea veteran army cadet officer in Huddersfield who was called 'Captain Kirk'.

Good bloke, unfortunate name.


There was talk several years back of a chap in the Sigs or REME called Cumberpatch. When he got his WO2 he was Q. Cumberpatch.

i know a serving Major called Richard Head and a Mike Hunt and a Mick Haverty.

Check that out!
Theres a builder in my area who has large signs up advertising his trade

Phil Mycock

I also know a John Thomas and an Isaac Cox... Really

Edited to add I also know a Cadet RCO called Roger Moore
When I was working as an RMA the computer had the details of somebody on used to be in one of the tank regiments when they were station on Barker Barracks.

This guys name was Trooper Albert Elvis Faggot!!! I mean, wtf was his parents thinking!!! Maybe somebody on here even knows him?


Slovakian Ice Hockey player, Jaroslav SATAN
Just look at the list of weird names on those who have been UN Chiefs -the guy who took over from Koffi Annan is a corker..then there was Dag and U and well.. no John Smith to be seen...
We had an elderly neighbour called Minnie Cooper, and an ex colleague (Indian bod) called Rhamud Din.

Perhaps the best of all was a social worker called Fanny Hunter
About 10 years ago picked my daughter up from Talavera Junior School Aldershot to hear some mum screaming across the playground

"Chlamydia get here now or I'll tell your father"

A girl of about 11 came running!!! Poor kid!!

Almost chocked on the coke I was supping at the time.


War Hero
Had a guy in our squadron who's last name was nutter...

Sapper Nutter...could describe the whole corps i suppose...


Had a lad at school called Benjamin Dover,........ cant think why he didn't like his name shortened to Ben..... ????

Poor lad had to put up with a lot of shite


Chap in training was App Enis first name Philip, he did get some stick.
I heard of a Sapper Sargent. That was pretty funny at the time. Just imagine him on his B3 and his NCO's shouting "SARGENT" must have been confusing at times.

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