Unfortunate Names

Sure this has been done before, vaguely remember a Ms Fannie Bater being mentioned.
And WOII (RQMS) Coomber. Laugh, my sides nearly split...
Isaac Cox
Carl Ling
Emma Rhoid
Phil McCracken

Had a mate called M..E Kerr, called his son Wayne, PMSL when he told me, and it took a good few mins for the lights to come on.
Freelance journalist at Today FM and Newstalk in Dublin.

Juliette Gash.
Came across this on wired.com the other day.

Jackmeoff Mudd Arrested In Fort Lauderdale

A South Florida man with an unfortunate name -- or a strong commitment to pranking police -- was arrested last Friday on a litany of charges in Fort Lauderdale.

Jackmeoff Mudd, 54, was arrested on charges of assault, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer, possession of alcohol in an open container, and violation of probation.
He is being held at a Broward County jail on a $300 bond, which means that at some point in the last few days, a somber county judge read his name aloud in court (here's hoping it was Judge John Hurley, just to bring his week full circle).

Mudd is not the first jailbird to have a strange name, of course. In Wisconsin, police booked Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop for multiple charges, and on the flip side, a woman who tried to stop three brothers from robbing a Texas WalMart last year turned out to be named Monique Lawless.
There's 10 more hilarious names along with their crimes a bit further below in a slideshow. =-D

Jackmeoff Mudd Arrested In Fort Lauderdale
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