Unfortunate name...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mangonel, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Good, but which one are you!!!!
  2. How did you come across that? So to speak?
  3. Top row, third one. That's a made up name too.
  4. Hadn't spotted that one!
  5. no look at 1988 and her brother anthony minge is there, its no set up!
  6. Surely a spoof.

    Demetrius Breedlove? FFS!

    I've just seen 1997's Jessie Ponce

    It keeps getting better...

    Edited once because I can't believe my eyes
  7. Por old Nickki Gaines from 88. Nice teeth though :lol:
  8. Take a look at the cream of America's youth who graduated this year........a mixture of case studies proving the theory that America is an obese nation, and young women destined to make their cinematic debut in 'Teen Sluts #234'
  9. [​IMG]
    Kenton Miser

    DR Shed

    Jon Cumpton

    Bobbie Bounds

    Either the spams are very bad at nameing people, or it is a wind up.
  10. If you search for "Minge" you will find a possible candidate for their father in 1965, He must have prayed for a daughter to call her Ginger.

  11. LOL!

    Interesting concept you have...

    Will you be lining up for the purchase of that movie? :D :lol:
  12. Nah, I thought the franchise had got a little bit tired around 'Teen Sluts #178'
  13. Party pooper! :p
  14. Man, there's some classics in there.

    Check out 1991 bottom row..there's a bloke called Hardy Shelnut, with his hand on his chin posing like a right twonk.

    Overall, after checking a few of the years, it seems like one of those "special" schools really. It appears to have an awfully high 'mongs-per-square inch' ratio. That's the most developed nation in the world for you...they really must try to stop marrying their sisters, it's just really bad for the gene pool!