Unfortunate Interruptions

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bat_Crab, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Apologies for this coming from Dubya's propoganda agency.

    Fox News

    Is there anyhting worse? You're in your front room, watching a bit of frankie and trying to throttle kojak when your neighbour kicks your front door down and threatens you with a sword.

    Does it put you off your stroke? Do you do the polite thing and zip yourself up before escorting the sword wielding maniac off the premises, or do you finish yourself off before dealing with him? How long do you wait before flopping the old fella back out and finishing the ritual of the burping of the worm? The dilemmas of modern etiquette...

    So has anyone else had a similarly unfortunate interruption whilst they've been bashing the bishop? How about those long nights on stag with nothing else to occupy you, or when your mate enters your room unannounced for an impromptu bezzering session? Members of ARRSE, the world needs your w@nking stories!
  2. That certainly brings a new element to the term - Danger Wnak. Maybe its the extreme version.