Unfortunate Camera Angle from the POTUS Visit With HM

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, May 27, 2011.

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  1. Michele_plant_hair.jpg

    A very unfortunate camera angle indeed unless we were in the early 1970's.
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  2. What on earth has Phil just said? He looks really pleased with himself.
  3. "Elizabeth... there are some damn darkies in here!"
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  4. "D'you get troubled by nesting birds at this time of year, my dear?"
  5. " I always thought Chaka Khan had much bigger tits?"
  6. Bloody hell Liz, I think you need to turn that fan off
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  7. "Nice bush."

    (Take your pick of double entendres, sexual or political.)
  8. He'd carefully planned it, him and MI5, and his cunning plan had almost worked.
    He'd wanted to get Barack in front of the other bush as well.
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  9. What am I looking for here?
  10. Suits you love
  11. I'll bite......The Afro behind Michelle Obama :)
  12. Noo the afros on the right of her ...He's standing by Phil. I'm confused now.
  13. Brenda also looks like she's letting one rip.
  14. Worse - Follow through bomb

    Ooooeeeeerrr JJH - Nathan Hale will have me done over for High Treason :winkrazz:
  15. AAGF


    Phil (sotto voce): Hey Michelle - can I smell your pussy?

    Michelle (shocked) NO!

    Phil: Oh - must be your feet then ...

    Michelle: You're making my hair stand on end!