Unfortunate Army Names

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Seeing fellow arsser Mysteron's avatar - the evil Captain Black - got me thinking (PERSEC permitting) have you known any officers and gentlemen with similar such sobriquets for example Troop Commander Captain Scarlet, Company 2iC Captain Blackadder, The Adjutant Captain Mainwairing ? Or perhaps you knew a Captain Kidd, Captain Birdseye, Captain Darling, Captain Slog, Captain Pugwash, Captain Corelli, Captain America, Captain Beefheart, Captain N Tenille or a Captain Kirk. Perhaps you may have served with a General Melchet, a L/Cpl. Jones or a Gunner Sugden or possibly even a Sergeant Pepper? Or those famous QARANCs Sister Sledge and Sister Matic?
  2. There was a Private Rea. Although Infantry, he was always addressed as Gunner....
  3. We had a corporal Major
  4. WO2 Ball - Q Ball and a Sgt pepper
  5. The Tankie claims he eventually became...you guessed it.
  6. on our company roll call in the 80,s the first guy was "allcock" with "balls" coming after him! :D fcuking priceless!
  7. I can't recall meeting anyone with names like that, so the best I can come up with is the character Major Major Major from Catch-22.
  8. we also had a sgt major Kill, and at Bovy sgt major Blood
  9. the local WW2 vet near me was major cox, my mates mum brought his house when he moved! :D
  10. We had a dentist called Captain Kirk.
  11. I once knew of a Sgt Slaughter.....
  12. An ex-Signaller who joined the Aussie Army is now Capt Kirk.

    Also seen a Sgt Sergeant and a Sgt Major :D
  13. We had a Capt De'Ath in the Engineers
  14. You had a Sapper De'ath as wel,l in 9 Sqn. Quite handy in the boxing ring.

  15. 2CS used to have a hoare followed by a house.
    Also had a bloke called Mashiter (no longer serving), I know deed poll would of got my custom had I been him.