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Unfortunate (and slightly amusing) names..

While working with the Yanks I was put on a course with one. Hi I'm ExREME what's your name?He replied I'm Sgt Tank. I told him Brits didn't do rank so his first name or nickname. He replied Herman, laughing I told him that was a top nickname to which he said, its my Christian name man
Has he got some of these?
Unfortunate name? I'll sit and wait for the 'olds', somebody must've posted it by now - Diane Abbott? :toilet:
Wayne-Kerr still in existence:
Wayne Kerr Electronics Home

as is Fluke:
Fluke Corporation: Fluke Electronics, Biomedical, Calibration and Networks

Also a 'parfumerie' called Salon A. Krapp in Fallingbostel (1976):

View attachment 326884
1976? That's the year I was born.

Looking at that photograph, that must have been around the time that the world was slowly evolving from Black & White into glorious colour.

To keep things more or less on topic, we had a lad at 7 Sigs called "Gluebag", so called because someone once wandered into his room to find him with a carrier bag over his head, whilst sniffing a tube of Mr Bostik's finest.
Used to work with a Mike Hunt, but he was always known as "Isaac" for some reason.
There was an RLC guy in the 90's called such a name. Strangely he was just called Mike. I just had a look on Facebook and he's changed his name

Also knew a Nigerian air force student back in the 80's with the first name Cosmos
I've worked with two Cosmos' in the last few years, one Polish, the other from Jamaica.

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