Unfortunate (and slightly amusing) names..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Crash, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. I was staying with an old mucker in the Alps this week and the following picture (and names) caught my eye. Other examples of ahem, inappropriate names? (Standby for the apocryphal Wayne Kerr and Mike Hunt...) IMG00031-20120823-1147.jpg
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  2. When I see the Thai name Porntip it always raises a chuckle.

    As does an Indian called Anal Pooja.

    If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
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  3. I saw a yank running type person on the Olympics or some other sporting thing called Gay
  4. I once knew a bloke called Wank Atsearch-Function
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  5. http://fapit.net/imgs/1486/wank.jpg

  6. Always a laugh or 2 was when a lad in my entry called Tom Guess was asked what his name was by an officer, "Guess, Sir!" always caused a look of confusion on their faces trying to work out whether he was trying to make an idiot of them :)
  7. Bloke who works for a firm I deal with is called Pete Gay, not that funny in the adult world but I bet his school days were torture!
    In my last job I used to deal with a bloke who's first name was "Zoltan", I never met him face to face but I always imagined he'd look something like this
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  8. major-dickie-head.jpg
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  9. Quite a few interesting Indian yoiu come across here in Dubai - Rakshit & Mandeep always raise a snigger.

    Spoke with a woman last week who introduced herself and I had a proper 'Huh' moment and hesitated just too long before saying hello back - Couldn't be helped, her name was Vergina.

    Rather unfortunate.
  10. we once had a God Knows in our Regt

    I rememeber we had a bloke whos last name was Looney who depold his name to Jones and everyone then called him Looney Jones
  11. Haha I remember being a phase 2 recruit getting the "welcome" brief from the RSM, 30 of us sweating to remain stony-faced because the bloke's name was Hardon.
    "shhhhh, he's the fucking RSM"
    "but dude, his actual name is Hard on"
    Still got no idea what he said in his brief.
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  12. Not apocryphal - there used to be an electrical test set called the Wayne Kerr.
  13. DCOS: "What is your name?" Soldier: "Driver, Sir." DCOS: "I know, you're all drivers.What is your name?" Soldier: "Driver, Sir." etc etc.
  14. There's always a name that pops up and causes no end of problems. When Blackadder 4 was out one the lads spent many a night hiding in his bunk.. Last name was " Darling".. Everyone put on the Rowan Atkinson sneer and called for ' Captain Darling '

    Met one fellow whose name was Major.. can't imagine the consternation and problems he suffered through as che rose through the ranks, especially when he got to Sgt.

    With immigration to world ports locally 'normal' names are always causes for humour and derision.. Pity all the Sukdeep's and Bong Bing's and such like.

    But nothing makes me fall down and roll on the floor in painful laughing more than the folks who want 'speshul' names for their kids and make them up by adding apostrophes and other stuff to be 'trendy' Met a La'Sonja pronounced with a drawl.-Lasagna.. Met twins named after a fave uncle- Flloydette and Floydeesha and my favourite [though truth be told, I think I was being had ] of a social worker going to visit an immigrant family who just had a new baby girl and asking what her name they had given her. They said the hospital had given the babe her name, it had been on the bracelet: Fem Ally [ spelt - wait for it: FEMALE ]

    What is it about Black Americans and their naming processes? Goes well beyond trying to identify with their 'African Roots'
    Why can't people just give their offspring 'normal' names like Smudger, Taffy, Boinker and Adrian?
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  15. My wife (a midwife), has just disharged from her care a set of twins called . . . Reggie & Ronnie

    Yep, they were as Chav as they come
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