They're sent to a room with a PC and they log onto ARRSE to ask as many daft questions as they can before the moderators ban them.


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Do they not send them to the special pie section any more then?

the yanks now have a fat camp of 6 months before sending theirs to boot camp.

When I were a lad you were all in it together and either got fit or died by the roadside, chucking your guts up every morning PT is a great way to get slim


What's back squadded?
Well it's either an old old English sailing ship, or, it's when you get sent back to the platoon behind you in training (or to one of the remedial platoons). I'm pretty sure it's the old old sailing ship.


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I joined TA in 6th form, they compressed a 2 week cadre into 1 week as an experiment, missed out most of the pt and still made us pass the pft and bft at the end of it along with the rest of the usual tests.

we were absolutley chin strapped every day - the only good bit was we had very little drill and bone time wasting

going back to do a full reg cadre was a very strange experience even if I was only there for half of it, a few weeks of shiny shiny stampy stampy then forward to the tests to make up a shortfall up the chain so they didnt look bad :)
Yes, the ones from the TA. They're generally mocked by all and sundry.
Somebody give the gramophone a nudge, the needle seems to be stuck!

Have you ever seen Private Pile? He was a US Marine Corps recruit in Full Metal Jacket. He was fat and unfit. He suffered at the hands of his DI and his platoon mates gave him a bashing. But he soon wised up, switched on, got his shit together and kept up with his squad. Shame he shot himself in the bogs, though. That's why in the British Army, you sign your weapon back into the armoury every time you've used it.
Do you get lads going to ITC Catterick that are unfit? What happens to them?
You get to do remedial PT for being an unfit soldier.
If you fail to get fit they may, just may give you a piece of paper that contains letters & numbers on it.
This might say P45 on it & they let you go home on a very long holiday all for free.
Do you get lads going to ITC Catterick that are unfit? What happens to them?
The ticket collector at Darlo Station sorts out the wheat from the chaff and takes the fatties out the back and shoots them.

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