unfit to serve (apparently)

ok the nightmare has come
got a letter today saying im unfit to serve this is without being seen by a specialist as i was told i would be after passing my medical my mcm desk officer said he may be able to do somthing but cant guarentee and is also livid with this very unprofesional approach .to not confuse you all this is the whole story

left the army in 2005 F.E with exemplary discharge
decided to re enlist in march this year
after being excepted by mcm div i was awaiting my medical from adsc
i received a letter from adsc asking me to CONFIRM that i have been free of any back or groin pain in the last year because my records show that i had pulled a muscle in my back in 1998 sorted with 2 weeks physio and never reoccuring
and a trapped nerve in my groin in 2001 treated a year later by an injection in 2003 with no reocurance
i was also asked to provide information of all excercises i do and quantity
i wrote back confirming there was no pain and had been none in the last year
i also had a local gp examine me and write a letter for me to send with mine saying i was fine with no problems
also provided my training programme
4/6 miles every other evening
50/100 pressups /situps every night.

i then got my medical date and went along , the MO who examined me found i was very fit and had no problems
he was about to sign me in when the SMO said he wanted me referred to upavon for an orthopedic specialist to see me this never happened and i was just turned down i am writing to said SMO tonight asking for a redress of this because i feel i have been very unfairly treated
who else could i write to about this because im not happy at all
Thing I would be worried about, because of how unprofessional he has acted, is the Orpho' sticking to his decision, even if he does see you. Just so he can save face.
Are you planning to join your old regiment? If so write to your CO, I am sure they would want all the trained soldiers they could get their hands on. COs have a lot of say if they want you.

Had the same with one of my students who wanted to join. I had to provide written and photographic evidence that he was capable of running 3 miles.
Remember that you can ask for a copy of the records, which will show what led to the decision to bin you without the specialist examination.
mcm div are investigating why i wasnt seen before being turned down considering i had passed the medical 5 mins before i was referred and all the other documents from my civvy doctor were ignored they are conerned that i was FE on discharge and still am FE why is this happening
Lazy docs mate, lazy docs. When I saw the Army eye specialist to get upgraded, I was in there two minutes... another patient asked if I even sat down in there. And in those two minutes, he made a decision that fcked up my career and future..
someone at records said this to me yesterday
if you were F.E when you left the army ,are they saying your not F.E now due to injuries you sustained during your service, so realy you should have been med discharged, i would not like to be having to explain that one away.

that was from a COL

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