I just happened to be looking for something regarding the UN in Cyprus and I found out that UNFICYP is now manned by the Argentinians.

I know this probably sounds naive but i thought that we were there for good.
When did we leave and why? Did we just decide not to run the flight anymore or were we only allocated a certain amount of years and then we had to hand it over to somebidy else?

I wonder how the Argentinian bowser mongs are getting on with Popsie's mid morning dysentery burgers?
This happened many years ago. I think it was just a case of our "contract" with the UN expiring.
They have been the UN Flight for about 10 years now...MG was right...contract came up for renewal and the Argies had a cheaper bid...and so.

I think they fly aircraft leased from the US.
The UN Flight manned by the Argentinean Contingent provide 1 x Hughes 505 and 1 x Bell 212. I have flown with them on a number of occasions and they are a good bunch. They have a lively UN Flight Bar called Bandidos. The Argentineans also provide about 35 people to the Mobile Force Reserve (with 50 odd Brit Gunners and about 20 Hungarians and Slovaks). They man Sector 1 of the BZ from the West Coast upto Nicosia Airport. The Brits and the Argentineans get on extremely well and we had a great time watching the Lions match with them (eventually!).

As a side note, I am sure you will be aware (but perhaps not if you are no longer serving) that 16 Flt at Dhekelia was disbanded a couple of years ago.


Thanks all, for replying to my original post, I have been out for some time and only got back to the association recently, I read about 16 flt going in one of the recent journals but I was unaware that my old flight had gone as well.
Thanks again for the update.
When I was out there in 99/2000 it was an Argentinian General that was commanding all of the UN troops out there including a full Bn of British soldiers!!


What a memory "mid morning popsy burgers"!

Good job the UN weapons inspectors didnt search his converted ambulance where he used to dish out Anthrax and Bocholism!

He was soley responsible for the entire retirment of 'Ord and Flight' by the dreadful and unremorsful use of Biological Agents, spread by his food!

Good lord, we invaded Iraq for less!

Also, his aging father 'Dodgy Dave' and his array of 'genuine' Rayban Sunglasses and Rolex watches!

Fine memories...................................

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