UNFICYP & line tours?

I can't really decide where to stick this post, so thought here was as good a place as any as I'm hoping for a sensible reply ;)

A few years back, I did the UN tour with 47 Regt, and as an MT driver, drove loads of line tours through the BZ in Nicosia.

I'm going back to Cyprus on hols with the Mrs this year (also serving) and would love to get on a line tour, but have no idea who to contact about it.

I've downloaded the Jan 06 edition of 'Blue Beret' and see a WO2 Artillery I recognise in one of the pics so I am assuming it's currently an Artillery Regt. If anyone is out there at the moment and knows who I should contact? The JOC I am guessing if it's still the same setup? Or am I pissing into the wind and am unlikely to get on one?

Either way, any help would be appreciated.

The RA always provide the UNFICYP Roulement Regiment (URR) but irrespective of this, control of, and access to, the Green Line is vested in HQ UNFICYP. I'd suggest dropping a line to COS UNFICYP - currently a Brit Col - and asking the question of him. I have name address and all that stuff. If you go for it, PM me.
Thanks, I will write to him if I need to. Before I do though, does anyone have a tel number (civ or mil) for the JOC at LPH? I can't find one anywhere.
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