UNFICYP Ferret - can you help?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by macspite, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. I'd be very grateful for help in sorting out the paint scheme for my Mk2 Ferret. Currently in desert sand courtesy of the previous owner, a Major in the RLC who was given the paint by the REME LAD on base and told to "fcuk off now, Sir."

    The Ferret served in Cyprus in 1969 with 3RTR and then QOH. Can't find sufficient images on the net to determine whether all Ferrets under UNFICYP control were white painted or if some just had a couple of UN stickers whacked on them before going out on patrol.

    The Ferret entered service 23/12/1954, registration 38 BA 15, hull number 541. Ended it's days at Cambridge Uni OTC before being cast in 1975. But, perhaps perversely, I'd like it to be representative of its time in Cyprus. 1969 was a good year. Great music and I was busy being a spotty sex-starved teenager. But probably a rough time to be wearing a blue beret in Cyprus.

    So if any of you were out there then and can help with pictures or info as to what it should look like either in its 3RTR or QOH UN guise I'd love to hear from you.

    And if anyone who drove or commanded 38 BA 15 at any time in its 20 year service should be reading this I'd be delighted if you'd get in touch


    38 BA 15 and one of its stablemates (1957 FBW AX40)
  2. Thanks for that B-C but how close is that Ferret to how it would look in Cyprus in '69? Without in any way denigrating the owner's efforts it looks wee bit tidy for a working vehicle. Any pix of serving vehicles?
  3. When you say entered service, do you mean UN service, as UN werent in Cyprus until 64 I think.
  4. Sorry B-C, entered service with British Army in 54, unit unknown. I've only got history from previous owner who gleaned it from the old Army museum at Beverley and that history just mentions Cyprus, CVD Ludgershall and Cambridge OTC. Nothing known before 69.

    What I could do of course is research OTC colour scheme and recreate what I fondly imagine goes on at these Uni OTCs - Hooray in a DJ driving with a deb in a full ball gown shrieking in the turret while drinking champagne. Plenty of opportunity to look up said deb's skirt and, to fully re-enact the scenario, power slide the Ferret around 500 year old lawn ...
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Thanks for that puttees - got to the site via exploring para_medic's link to Google images "Cyprus+ferret" and been busy downloading the relevant pix.

    Being excessively lazy I was hoping to find images of sand coloured Ferrets with a couple of UN stickers slapped on but it looks like I'm going to have to coerce my painter friend to get his gun and compressor out. Mind you he owes me, has borrowed my MIG welder for the last 3 years!
  7. Thanks msr, quick glance looks very worthwhile for the history - and quick glance threw up these Swedish vehicles on exercise in '73


  8. In fact I was in UNFICYP in 1974 in Airport camp when those naughty turks jumped in and ruined a perfectly good beach party. BUT, we all had a directive to paint all vehicles white after a couple of austrians killed near the village of Koshi, in the Larnaca district, while on patrol during the 1974 Turkish invasion got bombed travelling along a road, mistaken for Greeks, turkish jets,rest is sad history.

    So the order from BBC (Blue Beret Camp) was to paint everything white, up to then, everthing was in military colours. APC's included. So, if your ferret was pre invasion, it would have been green, with UN decals.

    Here is me as a UN sprog in 1974 with our unit Champ jeepie thingy run-about before we had to paint all the vehicles white and before invasion

  9. Prior to 1974 ISTR FSCs in service with UNFICYP were painted dark green! I'll see what I can find out from some old members of C Sqn 3RTR who did that tour! :wink:
  10. Thank you in advance Mr. S.

    And thanks for link to the Armoured Farmers - checked out C Sqn but no Cyprus 69 pix - the pix from 74 on do show white painted FSCs. One advantage of a white or sand coloured Ferret at large military vehicle shows is that it's easy to find the vehicle again amongst all the green after a sesh in the beer tent.
  11. Following msr's link:

    27 Apr 1964

    Looks like you've got a bit of a paint job coming up. What do you prefer, green or white?

    I'd go for green. It doesn't need washing as often. And you won't need as many coats to hide the colour beneath.
  12. I refer the honourable gentleman to my reply to m'learned friend Mr Soprano54 ...

    In truth I have never really liked white painted Ferrets, they look wrong somehow. Green, if that is the correct '69 3RTR / QOH Cyprus colour, has a certain appeal. But, if I am going to get this done ( and rebush the front lower wishbones and sort out the exhaust ...) it would be nice to be sure that what I am doing is correct for the period.

    When I take the vehicle to a show, like this weekend's Airborne Forces show at Southsea, most of the public just see a "little tank" and comment "ooh isn't it small in there" or "did you drive it here?" (No, I got a Chinook from Odiham to drop me off on the way past). Then there are the ex-servicemen who have experience of the vehicles who make my day worth while - anecdotes, information and knowledge freely given. So it's for the blokes who sweated their b*llocks off in Cyprus in 1969 that I want to get the colour scheme and kit as right as time and funds allow and to be able to pass their stories on to try and educate the public. So the colour will be what is determined to be right with the help of you guys!