Unfair insurance rip-off for men.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Jan 7, 2005.

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  1. A proposal which would have made most women drivers pay more for car insurance has been dropped by the European Commission. Deputy Minister for Women and Equality Jacqui Smith told the BBC: "The rights we've enjoyed in the UK for nearly 30 years will now be enshrined in this directive for the benefit of all Europeans."

    Suley this is only of benefit for Eurpoean women and should be illegal in the UK under the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act. Men should be judged on their own record and not that of those who offend. It is also true that a lot of men who make cliams, do so because young women, especially when learning, go on their father's insurance polocy.

    I resent having to pay higher premiums even though I have a spotless record. If the shoe was on the other foot and women had to pay more, there would be an outcry and women everywhere would be up in arms.
  2. Couldn't agree more.
  3. It was cheaper to have my foreign girlfriend as the main driver for our car in the UK by £200. Work that out :?

  4. Since when has Sex, Race or any other type of 'equality' actually been anything to do with EQUALITY??
  5. If you are a white male with no disabilities chances are you are going to be the victim of some form of discrimination.
  6. I am:

    White and British with pretensions of nearly being middle class.
    Fully employed for the past 28 years (never been unemployed).
    Never claimed any welfare benefits.
    Fully able (I don't even wear spectacles).
    Heterosexual and married.

    Is there a helpline I could call that would help me out of this dire sitution?

  7. WELL................You're F*cked :lol:
  8. I don't think Insurance companies are woking on some secret feminist agenda conspiring to discrimiate against all you WASP males......

    I suspect it might just have something to do with the accident rate of young men, closely followed by that of older men...... (which might also explain the spurious claim about poor old dads having to bail out their feckless young daughters..... :roll: )
  9. As a true blue hang, flog and then send the b*stards to annoy the aboriginees in some God forsaken part of the world type of chap, I think this is actually one for the common sense brigade.

    Women don't get cheaper insurance because they're women, they get it because the actuaries who work things out, reckon they are safer drivers. It's called business, and it's good to see those prats on the planet Gravy Trough Brussels listening to it for once.
  10. It's not a spurious claim, it came from someone in the insurance industry, who said men and women actually make the same number of claims a year. It usually costs more with young men, but they usually buy newer more expensive cars when they're learning/passed their test. Even as they get older men tend to buy more performance cars than women, hence more of a payout. This alone doesn't justify the difference in premiums, it's a rip-off. It has been proven though, that men are technically better drivers due to their superior spacial awareness. Women usually crash at slow speeds during manoeuvres like reverse parks etc, with men it is at higher speeds, not always their fault as accidents can be caused by men and women who get away without a scratch and without exchanging details. You also find a lot more men on high speed roads like motorways and dual carriageways.
    No one said it was a secret feminist agenda, but it is still sexist, it's a fact, as per usually women only want equal rights when it suits or benefits them!
  11. i must agree with this. although i have NEVER been on any insurance other than my own, even as a learner. i bought an old banger to learn in and paid insurance. my sister has done exactly the same. worked out more expensive than just a named driver/learner type thingummy but i have full no claims bonus now (woohoo) and the only time i've been involved in anything was a boy racer ramming into the back of me, which we sorted out without insurance company being involved. i think the stats are that women are generally safer drivers, hence the cheaper insurance claims, but as we all know, statistics are only good for laughing at.
  12. With Britain having an aging population, the stats are probably skewed in favour of women due to the huge number of elderly gents in hats. Many women of the same generation never learned to drive (despite being behind the wheel, the same could be said for many of their menfolk).

    Higher premiums also should apply to anyone with stickers in the rear window, cushions on the parcel shelf, nodding dogs, furry dice and, particularly, those silver fish denoting the driver's religious beliefs. The fish displayers invariably have to put their trust in God rather than any skill or judgement of their own.