Unexplained Deaths and Suicides

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dontenn, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. Makes interesting reading with the recent death of Sean Hoare (journalist phone hacking whistle blower). News today suggested he had a drugs and booze problem.. Hmmm...
    Then there was Dr David Kelly and not forgetting Doug Hoyle MP with his supposed fetish with cling film and fruit, and it has been suggested there might be more..

    Project Camelot | In Tribute | 25 Marconi Scientists

    Bet they are working overtime at GCHQ.

    Best not to say too much.
  2. ..and Bob Woolmer. I reckon if youve got the cash its easy enough to get people killed properly, with no traces, looking like an accident.
  3. We have all seen Spooks - we know how it works....
  4. Hoare, with a history of drink and drugs problems, has just seen a load of his mates lose their jobs, the opening of inquiries and police investigations that are going to put some behind bars and make some coppers, that he used to call (fair weather) friends angry and vulnerable. He just couldn't handle it is my view and went for the big sleep.
  5. i kinda hope he has been murdered (it makes no difference to him) as this stories starting to drag on a bit
  6. Some Crackheads off the Estate would do it for a Tenner and a crate of Special Brew...
  7. Damn,I'd forgotten all about that.
  8. Poor guy. Sadly I now find it difficult to believe any agency of the government - any government. The police have lost ALL my trust and respect. In SW London they only ever travel, at speed, in cars.
  9. I'm surprised that no one in officialdom hasn't as yet? How do you keep a lid on that amount of questionable deaths?
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  10. Kate Middleton says to the Queen, "What's the secret to a successful marriage?"
    Queen replies "Wear a seatbelt and don't piss me off."
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  11. Thats the spirit. lol
  12. I felt that Robon Cook's death was a bit iffy, given the reasons for his resignation in 2003. He died from a heart attack in the Highlands in 2005. Plausible but still iffy!

    Full face foil helmet, with chin strap and thermo-nuclear visor!
  13. I think someone was sending a message there.
  14. You are david Ike and I claim my 10 english poonds