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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BornSlippy, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. I've just been waiting for my recruitment officer to ring me with news of a start date for my phase 1 training. I was initially told that I would most likely be starting around April, then this got changed to around July and now I have just been told that my recruitment officer has a confirmed start date for me which is on the 22nd of November... that's nearly a whole year away! Considering I applied Jan 08', this is taking the piss slightly.

    I'm joining as an Armoured Engineer (RE) and have been told the reason for the long wait is due to the recession - lots of people want to join also because its just a plain popular job choice.

    Feel Gutted, the officer told me there was no way to bring the start date forward. On the bright side she did say I get to look forward to summer outside of the army... ;\
  2. Look at it this way, at least you have plenty of time to get yourself fit and ready.
  3. Well, you've got no excuse for pitching up at anything less than the peak of fitness, have you? Book a nice long summer holiday to somewhere exotic you've always wanted to go; train, get into the routine of being out of bed early in the morning, learn to iron, all that kind of thing, and when November rolls round you'll be as ready as you can be.
  4. Aye that's the positive side of it, I will be mega fit when the time comes. I got all my basic equipment for Christmas so now it's going to be collecting dust for a few months. It sounds funny but I'm not so much gutted that I'm not starting earlier more so that I have to put up with mundane civilian life for another 9 months.
  5. i had to wait 7 months to start basic...i speant alot of the time drinking and making the most of it. Do what i did for the meantime, get a shop in somerfield :)
  6. Nice a start date on my birthday, Hopefully i'll get that date too :D

    Syn :)
  7. fooking hell i hope i dont get put back that much for the r.a.c seeing as though i carnt even got a civvy job right now because of the poor state of the country
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Feck me I applied in September 79 and my place was guaranteed in May 81, only 3 million on the dole then consider yourself lucky, I was only offered 6th choice of jobs despite qualifying for all of them!
  9. I will have been waiting 8 months by the time i get in (April 13th). i think that kind of wait is the norm at the minute!! saying that when i went to adsc on a monday some lad got the following monday for his pledge then the friday for his start date! lucky twat!
  10. Better find myself an obscure job that no one wants then.
  11. [manages to restrain self from making joke about the RAF Regt] ;)
  12. Ive never heard of anyone in my life joining the RAF...or Navy. Where is their biggest recruiting ground?
  13. I went in to join up in the October and started in the December. Things were a little different in 1994.