Unexpected casualty of SavilleGate

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sportbilly42, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. I don't expect Esther Rancid thought for a moment she would also be swept up in the feeding frenzy of the Jimmy Saville affair in the way that it's turning out for her. Calls for her to resign from her position with the ChildLine charity are gaining pace. The old dear was probably looking forward to a few weeks of extra publicity, Newsnight and other current affairs chat show appearances to discuss what a nasty fella JS and instead she's being given the treatment herself over why she didn't say anything when it was reported to her..... Whatever happened to that investigative journalism she was so keen to champion? Normally very quick to dish out her opinions on others caught in the spotlight, but perhaps even for her the great Sir Jimmy was beyond reproach....

    Being smug and self righteous can be a pain sometimes.....

    tsk tsk... She also denies ever having met Jimmy, yet she was close enough to be able to chomp on his golden dangler a few years ago...

    And from the interviews she's given so far it sounds like she's in denial and will be clinging on until booted out the door.... Perhaps this is her Damehood going up in a puff of smoke?

    Who'da thunk it?

    Still, That's Life...
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  2. Freddy Starr also denied being on TV with him but was found to have done so.
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  3. Michael Aspel too. Although he was the "This was your life" botherer.
  4. To be fair though the image of Esther's disgusted face being forcibly pushed into the damp and comatosed crotch of a brain damaged 9 year old girl by a juiced up and spittle firing Jimmy Saville dragging her hair back with his free hand whilst donning his green lid isn't that unpleasant..
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  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    whats the old saw about being careful when you start throwing mud about, lest some of it stick to you?
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  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    She knew about his activities, but could do nothing about it. Oh, if only she'd been married to a Very Senior BBC executive, say the Head of General Features, responsible for commissioning many programmes.

    Oh, wait a minute.....
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  7. One sick individual, now universally loathed by a nation for shafting the innocent. Seen here with Jimmy Saville:

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  8. I'd be prepared to forgive Savile for all his past transgressions if only he'd have set that air horn off in his other hand.
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  9. Jimmy wasn't all bad. He did a lot for charities, especially sporting charities. In fact Olympic hero Mo Farah credits Sir Jimmy with inspiring him to run when he was a small boy.

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  10. I used to know one of the 'That's Life' presenters - he said that Rancid was desperate to get her Damehood, and all the charity work she did was done solely for that. He couldn't stand her.
  11. Clever. I nearly bit then
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  12. [h=1]Car dealer forced to hide Jimmy Savile's Range Rover after hate campaign over abuse claims [/h][​IMG]

    Poor honest Used Car Salesmen are also suffering.
  13. See, he even had rancid sucking on his jewels
  14. Was he the camp one,the very camp one or the gay one?