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Uneven application of Morello and how to fix


I've stupidly offered to bull up a pair of shoes for my brother who has just started working in an undertakers.

I've only ever done it the good old fashioned "Kiwi/Water/Graft/Will-to-live-remover" way before so I thought I would save some time and use Morello as there won't be any badge to object to it and nobody is going to care as long as they are shiny.

* Waits for hue and cry of "Cheat". "Lazy b@st@rd". "Back in my day..." to quieten down... *

Now while I have managed to avoid leaving brush strokes by brushing loads and loads on per coat, I've now got the problem that it's leaving a somewhat dimpled surface where it has not gone on evenly.

Does anyone have any clever methods for applying the coat evenly or even removing the dimples. I know applying kiwi over the top sorts the brush marks out but will this also help with the uneven surface? Many thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.


Book Reviewer
Burn shoes, buy a new pair and do it properly, ya fkin slacker :)
(A liquid solvent thinner and cloth should remove it all)

However you should,

Soak shoes in petrol,
Apply lit match,
Stand back then,
Having bought a replacement pair use,
the good old fashioned "Kiwi/Water/Graft/Will-to-live-remover" way

You know it makes sense!


Yeah I was expecting such comments. :) I don't really feel like I'm cheating as nobody cares how they are shiny as long as they are.

Trouble is he told me he needed them for a particular date which was fine, an hour a night and he would have had them no problem. Then it suddenly changed into "I need them for Monday" and I just can't have them ready by then so it's Morello or nothing. They actually look really good shine wise, just the finish, while smooth and brush mark free, is uneven, so I'm just wondering if there are any badge dodgers out there that know any good tips for sorting it out. :-D


Kit Reviewer
So, was he fcuked today ?
Was he made to double around the cemetery holding the coffin above his head, followed by "show boots clean" at the graveside at midnight?


Kit Reviewer
filthyphil said:
Was he made to double around the cemetery holding the coffin above his head, followed by "show boots clean" at the graveside at midnight?

Don't be a twat, it was a cremation.
These days they're much more sensible than that, after a quick warm-up running around "that tree, far distance, just beyond lake," he just had to grind himself against the box until it burst into flames before tanning some vleis over the pyre for the mourners' ging-gang-gooley afterwards.

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