Unemployment - The Greatest Recruiting Sergeant

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Job losses are rising and forecast to reach 3 million by 2010 (link below). Prospects for recovery thereafter are likely to be slow.

    Unfortunate as this may be, and certainly devastating for many individuals, it may actually be the salvation of the Armed Forces, as reasonable/good quality individuals, unable to find employment elsewhere, gravitate towards the AF seeking secure, (reasonably) well-paid work.

    The argument could be made that their motivation in joining is not from a sense of vocation, but rather survival - and there is some merit in that view. Equally, however, how many of those currently serving joined with a similarly short-termed view, grew to love the job, and stayed on, and there is no reason to believe things will be different for these 'forced' entrants.

    In addition, regardless of this, any increase in numbers recruited and retained, particularly as we will be able to opt for quality as well as quantity, should provide welcome relief to hard-pressed units and individuals; although, on the down-side, it may constrain future pay uplifts and retention allowances.

    On balance, then, I believe rising unemployment can only have a positive effect on the AF. What say you?

  2. Can't find the link. But this was done a couple of months ago.

    If I remember rightly, the general concencous, was that this time it won't work, as Liabour pay to much in Benefits to cnuts that are to idle to work...!
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It was a real pain in the arrsse in 81 I had to wait months to get to selection centre only to be offered 2 jobs as was everyone else on the same bus! The same jobs too! All the techy apprenticeships were gone years in advance leaving teeth arms only!
  4. I know the security of the job is at least part of the reason I am joining, it’s not the main reason or even in the top 5, but its there.
  5. Will they let me rejoin at 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont mind a small bonus
  6. Until the next Options for change!
  7. Its being mooted as a possibility in Casa JDL too but thats if 1.things go really belly up and 2. If i could get in my pulheems showed dodgy hearing i cant imagine it's much better now
  8. If recruiting and retention rise the powers that be will think that our pay and conditions are too good and soon sort them out.
    If the armed forces ever got fully (wo)manned, the wage bill would rise quite considerably, another reason why it will not happen..
  9. Spoke to a recruiting C/Sjt last Monday, he mentioned a lot of construction workers enquiring to enlist.
    His point was that most were in their late twenties and already had their relevant city and Guilds certificates to hand.
  10. I disagree.

    There are I accept different types of unemployed however. At my place, we have recently started taking on applicants from the jobcentre as we are quite short. I have noticed a marked increase over the past few months of what appear to be really keen individuals at the interview becoming in actuality absolute cnuts. The rules for benefits changed in October. As a result, many now have no option but to take employment. Sadly, the system does not allow for when they deliberately get fired or instantly go sick. They join, go sick, still claim stat sick pay and get the rent paid but - they are still classed as employed thus ticking all the required boxes.

    I would not employ anyone who has been on the dole for over 2 months full stop. Granted, this is also a slightly different situation with the armed forces though. The new benefits system IS causing havoc amongst the chavs who are having to find new loopholes. Sadly, many of these chavs consider themselves 'McNab material'. There are a lot of fucktards out there on the dole who are now having to find some form of emplioyment. I hope they dont consider our AF as a viable option.

    Apologies to anyone currently on the dole due to redundancy. That was not aimed at you fellas.
  11. Also, what is preferable..a recruit who joins out of passion or a recruit who joins out of necessity? I remember at my interview I had to explain why I wanted to join etc. Will "I'm now unemployed and the building industriy's gone to pot but I reckon I'm soldier material" cut it?
  12. If someone was mong enough to say it, then yes, probably, at least he's being honest. A lot of lads turn up and say "Cos I want to serve my country." when what they really mean is "I want to drink a lot, sleep around and play with guns." They haven't got a clue what duty and honour is until they get in and get informed about it.
  13. Hasn't that aways been the case?
    The Army (or RN or RAF for that matter) instill those values during the training process.
  14. Exactly . As soon as I saw the thread heading I thought to myself " Is joining the army something you do to get off the dole ? "

    This is actually seen as fact by the usual suspects whose knowledge of the military starts and begins with a Michael Moore documentary . To start accepting recruits because they're on the dole would be a disaster . Chav wannabees wouldn't survive the basic
  15. Fckk off! You know what i'm getting at! :eek:

    The forces need people who want to be part of a team and to belong to something. Something that will allaow them to better themselves also and provide an educational/life experience ladder upon which they can climb. NOT- a short rescue from an economic crisis and a means to swift emplyment due to low numbers of applicants.

    Sorry chaps, I'm a matelot. From my perspective though..better to have a gapped billet than some twat who cannot really be arsed sitting in that seat.