Unemployment by constituency as at July 2006

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Iolis, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. As this is 'analysis' as well as news and current affairs, it may be of interest to some to have a look at the unemployment figures by constituency for the United Kingdom as at July 2006.

    It reveals, by constituency the amount of male and female claimants and concludes with an unemployment map of the United Kingdom.

    It has today been published by the House Of Commons Library as a research paper:


    Regards and best wishes
  2. Looking at the map at the end - it appears nothing is changing in those traditional industrial areas of the North East, Southern Scotland, The West Midlands, South Wales and parts of London - proof that for all these b@llocks New Deal schemes the government has failed to sort out the misery and deprivation that poverty, and it is poverty I assure you, ultimately brings.
  3. These areas are the mainstay of army recruiting as well - go to any army unit there's always a Glaswegian, an Ulsterman, Geordie, Teessider, Brummie, Taffy and a Cockney from the East End and god bless them all I say because we'd be shafted really without them!
  4. Nothing changed much there then
  5. New Deal Scheme is the problem. :(
    Put most kids through just a year in a trade, doesnt show them a thing and totally unemployable after the year.
    The only thing they provide is cheap labour 3 days a week. They need to go back to the old ways of tradesmen.
    For God sake will Government never learn, things are the way they are for a reason stop change things for the sake of it :(
  6. Well the figures are about right for my area, New Forest East..