'Unemployability Supplement'

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jimmyoc, Oct 4, 2012.

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  2. Can't help with the questions but ghoulish morbid interest makes we wonder just how fucked up you have to be to get 100% WP?
  3. If you google council tax it gives you the various ways in which you may get a discount.
    (This is not a dig.)
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  5. Do you have a link to such a site listing 'Unemployability Supplement' with regard to council tax, as I cant find one,,
  6. Often you need a letter from SPVA War Pensions to show your disability & benefits, write to them explaining why you need the letter and they are normally good enough to help. I get a discount on mine as I receive DLA so I think you probably need to get hold of a manager at your council & explain the circumstances.

    As for DMS' post, it helps with a link:

    Council Tax: discounts and exemptions : Directgov - Home and community
  7. I have just sent an email to my local MP as it seems my council has no knowledge of 'Unemployability Supplement' paid under the War Pension Scheme, and hopefully he can get some clarification on the matter,
    thank you all for your time,
  8. Without dragging his down, I really do find it hard to believe that a Councilor in Liverpool would not know the full range of every available benefit.

    This new modern world is a desperate place, next they will be be teling you that they do not know where the dole office is.
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  9. Clearly you have web access, why not try looking at the SPVA web site before you drag your MP into this. Also in the booklets you would have got on being awarded your War Pension; they do go into some detail about how to claim this benefit.
  10. Found the link below on Direct Gov:

    Medical costs for war pensioners : Directgov - Money, tax and benefits

    The interesting bit:

    [h=3]Effect on benefits or tax credits[/h]Payment of Medical costs for War Pensioners is tax free and doesn't affect other benefits or tax credits you may be getting. But other payments from the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency may have an effect.
  11. I went to; Council Tax: discounts and exemptions : Directgov - Home and community. It seems to give all the information available, although it doesn't mention 'Unemployability Supplement' specifically.

    From what you say you would seem to come under the disabled sections.