Undisputable proof that Signals are better than Reme

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Arters, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. 45504.jpg
    45504 Royal Signals..used to hard work, pulling heavy weights, always
    on the go and looks the business.

    45528 Reme..skiving lazy twat, used to other people walking all over
    them, wears a big hat so as not to get Perm wet
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  2. I'd make a comment worth reading if I knew what the **** you were on about.
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  3. Train spotting ****! :)
  4. Hello, Darling, you know us Yorkies go off on one every now and then, Nut Strangler.
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  5. What is this spot the difference?

    I notice 3,141,592,654 differences. Do I win?
  6. I think this is undisputable proof you got into the COSHH locker.
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  7. Naw, I just like putting a new thread on, trying to get someone other than PA to
    answer first.......failed dismally, 5A will be along in a minute with another diamond
  8. True, True but I did put it in the RIDDOR Book!
  9. I'm confused as ****, are you attributing corps characteristics to steam engines?
  10. You are as mad as a particularly mad box of frogs.

    P.S. Did they really name trains after branches of the Army, if so; do you have a picture of the 'Queen Alexandria's Royal Army Nursing Corps" or the "Royal Army Veterinary Corps"?

    More to the point, were these trains painted in Corps colours? If not, why not? WE THE PUBLIC, NEED TO KNOW!!!
  11. Yes, only Patriots, though.....................................................so far.
  12. No, sorry sweet cheeks, only really nails branches......
    ...46159 The Royal Air Force
    ...46168 The Girl Guide
    ...46169 The Boy Scout
  13. Arters, I would really love to lend you some Corps support, but I have no idea what you are on about! Is this a Radio Relay thing? Step away from the chemicals!!
  14. You do realise PA lives in the Arrse server and steals all the threads! :)
  15. Yes, Thursday is Radio Delay, Monday is RR Tech, Sunday is ED.
    I once threw a Pie at Bremner, it missed but did hit Reaney in the mush....result!