Undiagnosed Asthma


A good friend of mine has been in the Army Reserve for a number of years.

In recent times particularly in the night times he has informed me that he has suffered with wheezing and shortage of breath.
This is particularly in the summer months where the pollen count is higher than the norm, in fact this is only during the summer months!

He is now being prescribed anti-histamines but there seems to be occasions where the wheeziness raises its ugly head particularly after indulging in a stick of tobacco.. Smoking is rare but regardless occasionally happens, drink in wits out.

Having passed previous military medicals with flying colours and is fit and healthy, if this was more than just hay fever i.e. Asthma that has went undiagnosed (if that's possible) would my mate be kicked out the Army Reserve? Or is it acceptable to have an inhaler while serving?

Answers on a postcard, as per, thanks in advance!


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If I passed previous medicals with flying colours and then knackered my knee? Would my medical grading change?

Yes his medical grading will change to reflect the military's current stance on asthma.
As most of us on here have Medical degrees & are all MRCP this can be answered quickly.

You're "friend" might need to see a GP who will make a diagnosis on the information given.
It might be hay fever which can be treated with such tablets as loratadine.

Medical downgrading will depend on seeing an army medical specialist.
Who might seek medical history from you're GP

Sadly Arrse Doctor Online can not give you advice on this matter.
However much people feel they are qualified with medical degrees from Boston Harbour Medical School.
Good luck and giving up the smokes might help too.

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