Underweight ???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mush_dad, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. The other half and I were watching some of the backlog we've got recorded on the Sky planner, as saturday evening TV was particularly shite, so were watched Our Girl.

    Afterwards she was telling me how back in the early 80s, her mother frogmarched her 16 year old brother down to the recruiting office to get him 'signed up'. Which he duly did and spent the next 12 years as a sapper.

    She then tells me that 2 years later her mother did the same for her, only to be knocked back as she was underweight! For the next 6 months her dad made her drink two cans of Mackesons a day, but when the went back again, she was still underweight.

    Does anyone in this obesity epidemic these days get knocked back for being underweight anymore ?
  2. certainly not in the RLC !!

  3. Should have followed the example of most of the folk on here, and upped that to 9 cans and a few bottles of wine a day, she'd quickly have developed some 'fat reserves' as I'm sure many will testify!
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  4. She might have done well in Rugby League (Gay mans sport), as she used to regularly run 100m in 10.8 at that age. She took Mush_lad out for a run the other day and for a laugh they did the 1.5M test.

    She turned in a very decent 8:55, he padded home in 10:15
  5. Really? She should have just stuck to sprinting, seeing as she's only 0.3 seconds off the women's world record...

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  6. So she said, but then again she is prone to bigging up her achievements, especially after more than a few brandies. But the 8:55 was gen as I was out of breath holding the stopwatch.

    She did run 400s & 800s for her county as I've seen the medals and certificates in the dim and distant past.

    Shame is she has absolutely no interest competitive running despite having a metabolism that allows her to polish off huge roast dinners with putting on an ounce.