Underweight problem?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by drenglish, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. To say it in the Yorkshire way: "Eyyup chucks!"

    I'm 6' and weight 8st 5lbs. I know this is "underweight" but is it a big problem for the Army? What d'you guys reckon? Anyone else been/is in a similar weightband?


    Dr English.
  2. Inmates of Belsen.
  3. Unless its changed recently your BMI had to be over 17 for under 18's and 18 for over 18's for blokes. I know I had to build my lad up with pasta and guinness when he was going through the process the other year.
    Speak to the ACIO theyll give you the current guidelines.
  4. Your BMI is 15.87
    If your BMI is less than 18.4 you are underweight for your height. Are you eating enough calories every day? People who are underweight may be at risk from health problems, including loss of bone density, malnutrition and disrupted periods (women).

    Nicked from the NHS website. You are underweight, and whether it is acceptable to the army or not is one thing (I suspect they'd want a bit more than a bag of bones, though!), but you should put some weight on for your on sake! You must be a lanky thing!
  5. You lanky streak of urine, eat god damn it! (6ft and that thin, I bet you look like a golf club?)
  6. That is very underweight that mate. Aside from the forces, I'd want to bulk up for my health an well-being. I'm 6 foot and 14 stone and I think I look skinny. My housemate is 5'7 and 10 stone and he looks very skinny.

    As to your question, yes, you are too underweight to join the forces.
  7. Just to confirm what the other guy said, the army take underweight people just as serious as overweight people. When I was at glencourse (for the first time) a lad was deferred for a year for being underweight.
  8. More sex, damn it! More sex!
  9. Hi mate,

    I eat three solid, healthy meals a day and have easily enough calories, I'm just a naturally skinny lad; all my family are skinny. My periods are fine at the mo, though. :wink:

    It's weird how some people are too heavy and some too skinny, maybe we could have fat transfers? Now there's a thought...

    Anyway, what's the best way to put weight on healthily, i.e. not just stuffing yourself with cakes and $hit?


    Dr English
  10. That is seriously underweight I would attend to the problem for your own health more than anything else. Saying that you can probably run like a grey hound but being so thin I suspect you might have problems hauling heavy bergans etc up hills?

    I have the opposite problem. I am naturally built like a brick shithouse so can trudge around all day carrying heavy stuff up hills but the 1.5 miler is like the incredible hulk in the Russian Ballet (ie not very good).

    If you can put on a bit of muscle mass you will probably find yourself alot more balanced physically.

  11. You can have some of mine!

    You are only 16 aren't you? I would expect you will fill out a little over the next couple of years anyway (well, thats what happened to me! :oops: )
  12. Are you female?? If so, I have plenty of man fat you can have. Guaranteed to fatten you up in the next 9 months :)

    Unless you swallow it? ;)
  13. Lmao, you sick bastard!
  14. Welllllll, these young 'uns need a good education from somewhere!
  15. Ive filled out loads since i was 16 still lanky and slim but have more muscle mass and broader...go on some bodybuilding forums get yourself some protein shakes (i use usn) eat 6 small meals a day pump a bit of iron should bang a few lbs on you.