Underwear Bomb Mk2

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Boumer, May 7, 2012.

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  1. So these fellas just jump on an aircraft and detonate their Y-fronts? Or do they take 'em off first?

  2. Concept is to blow out a window and bring the plane down.

    I believe, though I am not a scientist, normal clothing will not impeed the functioning of the device.
  3. Reminds me of the old joke about a blonde getting her Semtex and Tampax mixed up.
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  4. Whats the weather in Yemen like this time of year?
  5. Underwear inspections at the gate would solve the problem. Or we could all fly naked.
  6. Did this one blow his balls off too? No? Pity...
  7. Do blondes know what a tampax is?

    Seriously, goes to show repeated attempts continue.
  8. I feel a wave of even more expensive body scanners coming on, kerching, kerching!
  9. So they had a minor problem with Mk 1 and have been developing Mk 2. No real surprise there. If they want to bring down a commercial airliner, a 'non-detectable' or at least 'difficult to detect' device is the only real way for a passenger to be part of the chain. The cultural hangup with undergarments and the shyness in searching/showing off whatever is worn under your daytime clothes (for normal people at least, not ARRSErs), would point to explosive undergarments being one way to go.

    The good news is that a device, hopefully Mk 2, has been recovered before it could be used for real. This gives the opportunity to test its detect-ability with what kit is currently in service or help to develop detectors that can do the job. The bad news is that someone will probably develop Mk 3, Mk 4 etc and they will probably not make the same mistakes again, making the 'detection & interception' job a little more difficult in the future. There may also be other Mk 2s out there which may be used before any countermeasures can be found and put in place.

    The cat & mouse 'game' goes on...... it's just a case of figuring out who's the cat and who's the mouse at any given time.
  10. I feel like the reverse of the conspiracy types. Mainly I wonder if the powers that be leak the odd bits and bobs to keep the pot simmering. By its very nature the news is vague which is fair enough. The anniversary of Bin Laden's death seems to have passed very quietly, no spontaneous demos, in fact the whole thing has passed pretty much unremarked. I am sure that the religion of peace has not given up the struggle, and I feel pretty sure there may well be another mass killing of one sort or another. I am equally sure that it will be entirely different to the towers, or Bombay massacre, if it happens during the Olympics it will be something unexpected and the security/intelligence world will be caught flat footed.

    Meanwhile the message is reinforced, 'They haven't gone away' and ever more intrusive counter-measures can be expected on the back of this.
  11. Apparently chance of thunder storms today

    How ironic!

    Kidnappings of westerns for crimal profit apparently continue, AQAP clearly still happily on their little way.

    How long before the US gets fed up and believes drone strikes are no solving it.

    Or have we all lost the will (and cash) for boots on the ground? (Assuming Sana'a would even allow a presence).
  12. I think this only goes to prove what berks they are for the most part. Still fixated on aeroplanes when they could poison a reservoir or knock out chunks of infrastructure with impunity. Truck bomb in the Blackwall Tunnel? Rat Poison in the reservoir? Brassing-up some little village somewhere in a (all together now!) Mumbai-style attack to show that nobody anywhere is safe?

    No, **** all that. Just wanna blow up planes despite the fact that they have the strongest security of all. Whatever happened to attack the enemy where he's weakest?

    But seriously, why should the jihadis be different from us? That's all we're apparently interested in kitting up to play.

    Why shouldn't they? I mean they're human, and they want to feel big, important and shouty.

    Boring people look at quietly blowing up power stations (or professionals, PIRA was going to do that in the early 1990s IIRR).

    If I want to get an eternal love-in, surely I need to do something that'll attract the kuffar old bill wearing balaclavas.

    Rubber dighny rapids bro!

    (Sorry mate you make a fair and most insightful point, but I am sooooo fed up of the MSA, as I shall henceforward refer to it in a sort of "Blackadder/MacBeth" way).